50 Ways To Celebrate World Food Day

World Food Day

You guys, 16th October is the World Food Day. It’s celebrated annually in honor of FAO’s birthday. It’s one of the minor holidays I have a reminder on my phone. Why? Because it’s World Food Day. Food Day. FOOD. I love food. You love food. We love food. It’s more than enough reason to celebrate!

Ways to Celebrate World Food Day:

  1. Eat. If you are constantly depriving yourself of food for whatever reason (weight, time, career), today you should just eat. Eat enough, eat on time and eat happily.
  2. Grab the fanciest snack at the grocery store.
  3. Binge watch the best food show there is: Come Dine With Me.
  4. Lunch picnic if the weather God permits.
  5. Volunteer at the Food Bank.
  6. Eat without feeling a single ounce of guilt.
  7. Make healthier food choices throughout the day.
  8. Or go for the most unhealthiest options, as long as it makes you happy (and alive).
  9. Loan money to agricultural farmers at Kiva.
  10. Eat tropical fruits.
  11. Share Meals on Wheels.
  12. Treat a friend a meal, or..
  13. Treat a stranger something to eat.
  14. Donate food to SecondBite.
  15. Eat breakfast in the morning, if you usually don’t.
  16. Bring food to share to work.
  17. Eat supper after midnight, if you usually don’t.
  18. Say grace before eating.
  19. Eat raw food.
  20. Fine dine yourself, or treat your bae!
  21. Cook something today and share the food with others.
  22. Watch Jiro Dreams Of Sushi.
  23. Eat fast food at a drive-through.
  24. Find the most unique restaurant or way to have a meal in your city and do it today! In Melbourne, it would be the colonial tram restaurant.
  25. Do feed the animal.
  26. Be wildly amused by Mok Bang, the Korean dinner porn.
  27. #Instafood your and other people’s food.
  28. Plan your meal for the whole week.
  29. Take Think Eat Save challenge.
  30. Throw a dinner party.
  31. Feed the children.
  32. Deprive yourself of food the whole day as a reminder to be grateful for your abundance.
  33. Pack your lunch in a fun/cute/kiddy lunch box.
  34. Order-in – UberEats or Gojek your meal today.
  35. Try a completely new cuisine.
  36. Deprive yourself of food the whole day as a reminder that it’s a daily thing for people who are less fortunate than you.
  37. #PledgeAPlate.
  38. If you have an access to a restaurant, arrange the leftovers to be rescued by OzHarvest, or an equivalent organization in your area.
  39. Read about food waste facts.
  40. Give someone or yourself a cook book.
  41. Check out the top ten tips to reduce your “foodprint” and food bill.
  42. Eat more mindfully and enjoy your meal.
  43. Prepare a pretty bento, like one of my fave Japanese bloggers  do it almost every day.
  44. Eat leftovers the next day or pack and give it to someone else.
  45. Eat a home cooked meal, the one prepared by mom is the BEST. If you are a mom, prepare a home cooked meal for your kids today.
  46. Munch on ice cream all day from breakfast to dinner because ice cream belongs to the coolest food group.
  47. Eat alone in a restaurant.
  48. Watch a cooking show while simultaneously trying to cook, either same food or something completely different.
  49. Read or follow a couple of food blogs, just because.
  50. Eat your hometown cuisine today if you don’t live there anymore

How do you plan to celebrate the World Food Day? Share in the comments below and I will add into the list! Maybe we can make it to 100 ways to celebrate World Food Day. That sounds delish!

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