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Hi, I'm Kal

A Melbourne based expat, I write about world culture, local food and travel stories. My mission is to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone to embrace and celebrate our lives and its differences. Born and raised in a different culture from my origin, and then to grew up in yet another culture, made me a culture-curious person. I have always been fascinated by traditions and spirituality from all over the world. If you are also a curious person like me, who loves to travel to foreign lands, get lost in local markets, embrace unfamiliar food and a wee bit woo-woo, you have come to the right corner! This blog is dedicated to wanderlust souls such as yours. Read on for your world to get broader, your mind richer, and your heart lighter.

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Observations of world traditions and beliefs, holidays and festival, also local portraits and snippets of expat life, both of others and my own

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Culture oriented travels, visits to local markets, learning the history behind heritage sites and buying travel souvenirs in the name of supporting local economy

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Local Food

Local Food

Must try street food and hometown delicacy food, sometimes weird, but almost always delightful. Also, unique foreign snacks to bring back to loved ones back home

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Collection of good luck charms from different parts of the world, selfies in front of sacred sites, light-hearted Feng Shui tips, fun tarot spread and crystals care

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I am so freaking late to Pinterest! But now that we have been properly introduced, I pin stuff that represent the best version of myself. The culture-heavy places I want to travel to, local food recipes I want to try at home, festivals to add to my bucket list and Feng Shui based home decorations.

Come join me, we shall pin along together like old friends!


Get your daily dose of colourful culture from the square creative outlet. Instagram is definitely my most used platform. I capture the world culture, breath-taking travel sites, crystal collections and delicious local food on it. Also, even though I rarely admit it, it's where I share my street-photography practices.

Let's follow and tag each other of funny memes all day long!