Colorful Experience Of Vivid Sydney Festival In Australia


For someone who's easily attracted to everything shiny, Himawari style, it was a no brainer for me to go and see the Vivid Sydney. It has been kinda like a pilgrimage dream, a glittery pilgrimage if I may, ever since I heard from my friend on her first year living in Sydney.

Vivid Sydney Cruise

When we saw a Groupon deal for Vivid Sydney cruise, we didn't think twice. It was ON! We booked the ticket to Sydney and flew over the long weekend. This time, we didn't stay in her Sydney apartment, instead we were AirBnB-ed a surfer's den at Bondi Beach.

In my mind it would be similar the Dubai Dhow Cruise I took with Mama Kween some years ago. Romantic lighting, dining tables, glass, windows and waiters waiting on us. In reality, our Vivid Sydney cruise boat was much smaller, it has open air seating areas, filled with inconsiderate tourists who yelled and threw half drank beer cans on the floor. Also, it was damn cold!!

But we were already there, and despite the cold combined with random yelling, it was a beautiful night. I chose to enjoy the colorful Sydney, after all, I considered myself so lucky to get to experience it?

All in all, Vivid Sydney had been an amazing experience! It comes as the second best festival to Lunar New Year.


Sydney Opera House is my most favorite landmark in the world, more than the Eiffel Tower. Look at the colors! Vivid Sydney indeed.


Did you spot the UFO in the picture above?! Well, if I was an Alien, Sydney Opera House would be my first visit as well.


Sydney skyline in purple hue.


Two toned Sydney Harbour Bridge.


And the gorgeous green hued Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Rainbow colored Sydney bridge harbor.




And I will end it with these gorgeous lights in the shape of Sydney Opera House. Be sure to check it out next time you come to Sydney, this is definitely one of Australia's cultural travel experiences you should not miss.

How about you, does your hometown have the festival of colour?

Colorful Experience Of Vivid Sydney Festival In Australia .jpg