My First Winter Thoughts and Feelings

We are officially entering winter in Melbourne this year, which also means this is my first winter in Melbourne.

Winter here is not something many of us look forward to since it can be brutal, and I for one despise it! But I remember I used to be fascinated by the winter back when I was living in Singapore, especially when I sweat profusely 360 days a year. I also remember that I wrote a note about my first winter experience during my trip to China on my travel journal.

Yesterday I dug through my memory box and found the note. So, here are some of my first winter feelings which I am not overly embarrassed to share.

First Winter Thoughts

My First Winter Thoughts and Feelings
  • Well, hello there, electric blanket! I'm sleeping on an electric blanket! #bestinventionever. Wait, why do they call it a blanket if I am sleeping on top of it?

  • Could I take this drink (Starbucks's Peach Blossom Tea Latte) back home? I mean, if I put it in an airtight thermos in my luggage?

  • So cold. Brrrr... I will never travel in winter again. What's so great about winter holiday anyway?!

  • How fascinating is it that different culture has different winter traditions?

  • The irony of walking fast, braving the cold while listening to I'm Walking on Sunshine.

  • My hair is cold.

  • My eyeballs are cold.

  • Heated floor!! Purrrr...

  • Does this require taking my hands from my pocket? If yes, forget about it!

  • I need to rethink my decision to join and live in a nudist colony in my 50s.

  • *Turned my head away from the crowd and put tongue out to taste the snow*


  • Everything looks so pretty blanketed by the white snow. This! This is why people go on winter holiday.

  • My obsession with hats (beanies, especially) is justified and paraded.

  • "Rach, take my picture in the snow", "Rach, take another picture of me", "Rach, take a picture of me walking in the snow", "Rach take a picture of me jumping around in the snow", "Rach take…Rach... Rach...".

  • I'm glad we didn't have much space. I preferred to have my friends sleeping super close to me (at a hostel room in Seoul).

  • I finally have a reason to wear the winter PJs I bought a year ago.

  • ... But wearing it for two weeks straight doesn't seem like a good idea (day 11).

  • Hey, my makeup stays longer!

  • I want to embrace winter traditions as much as possible.

  • Umm flavorful tea… Um... Kimchi soup... Ummm, pumpkin latte.

  • Shave? What shave!

  • ... Regretted not showing when I had to strip naked in front of many naked ladies.

  • I should have packed less. I could survive with two sweaters and one pair of jeans.

  • I wear a pink coat in all my pictures. Hundreds of pictures. Eighteen Days. ONE pink coat.

  • Do people postpone their breakups during winter?

  • Mmm heated socks... Mmmmm, heated underwear.

  • I get it Beijing, it's winter, but really, put some on a snow show; don't just be a tease and stay so damn cold.

  • Maybe I can drag this blanket everywhere and call it a Pashmina?

  • I'll miss this when I go back to sunny Singapore.

And I did.

I was so done living in the summer for 365 days that I packed my bag and moved to Melbourne. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I guess, Melbourne only has winter, without snow, and it's brutal. This might be a sign for me that means I gotta move to a proper four-season country with a long stretch of Autumn like Japan.

What is your best or even first snow experience? What do you like about winter the best?

My First Winter Thoughts and Feelings