Malaysian Food Of 3 Different Ethnics In A Day In Penang


Malaysian food in Penang is famously known as one of the best food in the entire Asia region. And I agree. Whenever I miss local Indonesian food and couldn't find an Indonesian restaurant in the neighbourhood, Malaysian food is what I usually go for. If you asked me the cultural travel experience you should not miss is to eat the local food while traveling or even try different cuisine restaurants in your city. So next time you find yourself in Penang, do try some local Malaysia food.

3 Malaysia Food And Restaurants To Eat In Penang

Local Malaysian Pastries - famous cakes from around the world

China House // 183B Victoria Street, George Town

A friend of ours recommended China House. If you have started imagining spicy Chinese food, stir your mind 180 degree.

Chinese House is a long rectangular shaped coffee and pastries shop cum art gallery and theatre. What a marvelous place! It is like a piece of Paris on the street of Penang serving Malaysian pastries among other famous cakes from around the world.

The ambiance is very chic; with huge mirrors, paintings, small tables, chalkboard and a huge dining table that showcase cakes which keep coming and coming. This place also serves beverages, liqueurs, and homemade ice creams.


Mothership I have arrived. And the cakes? I was giddy. I wanted all of it, but I chose only one. One first. But which one would be my first?

While eating and smiling, I realized something; my happiness depends a lot on my sugar level. Unfortunately, we were rushing that day since it's our last day in Penang, so there wasn't much time to explore and eat lavishly ala Marie Antoinette. I shall come back one day for you, China House, because we belong together.

Indian Malaysian Food - Banana leaf lunch

Passion of Spices // 5, Lorong Endah 4, Brown garden, Gelugor

Interesting fact: Other than Chinese culture and their own Malay culture; Malaysia, especially Penang, is also heavily involved with Indian culture.

Fafa picked this restaurant the minute he saw the Malaysian food guide in Penang. The passion of Spices looks like a house turned into a restaurant. The interior has a homey vibe, and the friendly owner was also there, all motherly, ready to serve us. It made me feel like I was eating at our own dining table.


I was expecting biryani, but instead we had tomato rice served on a banana leaf, which was equally delicious. We also ordered fried bitter groud and each of our favorite seafood; fish fry for Fafa and crab curry for me. Despite being on antibiotics and feeling physically exhausted, I enjoyed the food. I could taste the spices on the fragrantly fried bitter groud. The curry crab? It was finger-licking good. So much that it reminded me of my grandma's cooking.

Malay Malaysian Food - Soup

Sup Hameed // 183B Victoria Street, George Town

Penang soup was on my Malaysia food bucket list, for the sole reason of my memory eating soup by the roadside in Penang with my mom when I was ten years old. I remembered enjoying the soup and that moment so much.

Lucky for me, the taxi driver who dropped us at the hotel was well versed in Malaysian food and recommended a roadside soup stall. Sup Hameed is located on the Upper Penang road, opposite Hotel Malaysia, a walking distance from our hotel. It is a long stall by the roadside, but it's not a small place. It could easily fit thirty seating outside.

Sup Hameed served different types of Malaysian food delights like nasi lemak, roti canai, etc, but the star was the thick piping hot soup.


It wasn’t easy to drag Fafa to go and eat by the roadside but this time he tagged along. I made a deal, if he didn’t like it, we could go somewhere else later so he could eat another Malaysian food of his choice.

I ordered the mutton soup and we had it with slices of bread. It was really good. It satisfied my stomach and memory craving. Sup Hameed is a chosen dish for supper on drizzling nights.

Tropical Fruits

And lastly, Penang's a tropical fruits heaven. Perfect dessert on a hot day. At Batu Feringgih, I ordered 20 Ringgit worth of cut fruits and demolished all in minutes. I would have ordered more if it's not for Fafa who stopped me because I was still coughing.

I didn't take enough pictures of all the Malaysian food I tried in Penang as I wasn't feeling well. When the meal was served, I forgot about other things and just focused on this deliciousness to make me feel better. There you go, Malaysian food eating places that are not usual. If you happen to try one of it, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. 

What's your favorite restaurant in Asia? Have you tried Malaysian food?

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