Joy The Multicultural Home Christmas Tree Revealed


This year, I am bought a Christmas tree. From IKEA, for $39. This Christmas tree is a little shorter than me and pretty barren. Also, it's not pink, but I liked it from the very beginning.

This tree felt like a good addition to a minimalist life I have been trying to adapt.


Joy the Christmas Tree

Unlike the first Christmas tree, which was decorated in the very last minute, we have had our Christmas tree up and have started decorating it since the first day of December.

I bought the decorations from IKEA, Daiso, Bath and Beyond, Spellbox and the internet. Also unlike last year's decorations, I spent good hours picking some of them. 

I plan to keep several of Christmas decorations for years to come as a part of our new Christmas tradition.

In the future I want to add more travel culture related decorations, such as the Japanese Daruma Doll believed to grant your wishes.


Some of my favorites are the glass fairy inside the glass bowl and a blushing cat with a Santa cap.

But my most favorite would be the flying witch because I am the unnamed witch in the Harry Potter series.

Another favorite is a classic ornament with the word Joy written on it. It's only fitting to name our anorexic minimalist Christmas tree after it.

I have a feeling, Joy, the Christmas tree will be up long passing Christmas day, but I can assure you that it will be packed sometime in January or maybe February.

Is there such thing as a Valentine tree? Have I become a little too obsessed with the Christmas tree?

Speaking of being a Christmas enthusiast. I have another one in the office. A mini version of Joy, in the pot, which I have given a name too. It's called Mary. I will share the picture of Mary in the pot soon. We will be traveling throughout the Christmas, Anniversary and New Year. But I know joy will be waiting for us when we are back, all lighted-up. I guess it's true that the best of traveling is to be back to your own home.

Stay tuned and Merry Christmas month you guys!


What is your most cherished holiday tradition?

Joy The Multicultural Home Christmas Tree Revealed