Indonesia Food Is The Most Expensive Meal In Zurich Switzerland


What's the most expensive meal you have ever paid for? Mine had to be the Indonesian food we had in the Indonesian restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland.   

I have been warned that Switzerland's going to be expensive, but I had no idea it was crazy expensive!

Indonesian Food In Zurich Switzerland Was The Most Expensive Meal In My Life

On our first day in Zurich, we roamed around the Hauptbahnhof with my blogger friend Rima. When the lunchtime came, we were torn between Switzerland's famous cheese fondue restaurant and Indonesian restaurant. Since we had been surviving with schnitzel for days, the highest vote went to Indonesian food. It's time for some good old plate of rice. We headed down to ASIATISCH.

Teh botol, spicy anchovies, and white rice

Asia-Tisch // Hallwylstrasse 34, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland


Only Indonesian understand the excitement of seeing The Botol (Indonesian brand jasmine tea) anywhere else in the world. My love for Teh Botol can only be matched by my obsession over bubble tea!

I had spicy anchovies, while others had meatball soup and fried chicken. The Indonesian food served here was good and the service was excellent. If you happen to crave for Asian food in Zurich, do try this Indonesian restaurant. The menu varies which includes street foods.

Indonesian rendang and soto ayam

Dapur Indonesia  // Schaffhauserstrasse 373, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland

The single most expensive meal I have paid for in my entire life was for an Indonesian food of spiced duck meat.

It was our last night in Zurich; we were tired but still excited. That's when we decided to go to Dapur Indonesia, a well-known Indonesian restaurant in Zurich. We knew it's going to be expensive and we were fully aware that our Francs were running low, but the weather was cold and we have been dreaming of Indonesian food, again. Going to Dapur Indonesia was not easy, we had to take a bus, tram, train and another bus to reach the place and we also had to book a reservation first. Thankfully, they could fit us in.


It was a small but a posh looking restaurant with candle lights and cozy seating. We each ordered one meal and shared it with the three of us.

There were Soto Ayam (chicken curry), Rendang Bebek (spiced duck meat) and a big plate of rice. That, accompanied by three glasses of house wine cost us $170.

The food was good, but it was painful to shell out that much of the money. I could survive with the same amount for two weeks in Singapore which is already one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Gaah!! Lesson learned! I need to learn to do basic cooking so my wallet will survive while traveling to expensive cities. Time to enrol on a cooking class.

We had McDonald's the next day and only paid $50 for it. I was glad to finally leave Zurich. As gorgeous as Switzerland was, the next time I am coming back to the Indonesian restaurants here is only after I win some lottery.

When you travel for a long time do you crave for food from back home?

Indonesia Food Is The Most Expensive Meal In Zurich Switzerland