How To Not Go Crazy When You Travel With Family


Do you travel with family?

I do. Sometimes with my mom and her friends, other times with my cousins. Every time we are planning a future travel, I know there will be a lot of fun and memories in the making, but it also got me thinking about the family we choose to travel with and the travel tips for travel with family.

Tips To Keep Your Sanity When You Travel With Family:

Be clear on what type of family vacation will it be!

This might be the hardest thing to come to an agreement with when you travel with family.

Not everyone has similar interests, including the idea of a vacation. For example, my vacation equals to having as many as cultural travel experiences as possible, while others may prefer a more relaxed time, like a beach holiday. You can choose hiking, backpacking, or even something gastronomic. Whatever it is, make sure that everyone is on the same page.

The solution? take some alone time to do whatever each of you wants to do and find common things to enjoy together on the trip.

Prepare the itinerary together when you travel with family

Include everyone's must do, eat and see.

At the same time allow some flexibility in your itinerary

And fit everything else in between. This way everyone has a rough idea of what to expect while traveling. I do this all the time with family. When we went to Europe, we fit in both Sacher Torte for me and Barcelona football stadium for my soccer loving cousin.

Get down with the budget

Be honest about how much are you willing to spend and in which areas are you willing to splurge and save.

For example, I never care much about accommodation while traveling, as long as the bathroom is clean and I am more than happy with AirBnB. I also am not bothered by shopping, nor about food, I can survive with bread and olive oil if I need to, but there is no way I am willing to skip the sightseeing tours. But other members of my family have other priorities.

Also, start saving together if need to.

Bring some family fun props


Be it the bright red pants, fake eyelashes, or a #selfie stick to upload family pictures into Instagram, pack that silly stuff to make travel with family time more fun. On our last day in Hong Kong, my cousin and I wore bunny ears while coffee-shops hopping. It was ridiculous and a little embarrassing at that time, but the fun we had that day and pictures we have now are so worth it.

Be nice and take care of yourself and them physically and mentally

Take vitamins, get enough rest and empathise with your family's needs and feelings.

I must admit that I am usually the culprit here; I sometimes feel sick and end up staying in the hotel room for the day. These days, I hike up my vitamin C intake, clock in enough rest, and keep repeating happy travel thoughts a few days before.

Carve time alone for yourself even though you travel with family


Believe me when I say you will need some alone time after spending days with the same group of people. No matter whether they are your mom, BFF, or partner. We all need some alone time and we need it regularly, even if it's just for a half hour at a time.

Take the "time off" by stopping for a coffee, visiting a nearby shop, or even simply sitting on the bench while your family does other stuff in the same area.

Make and record happy memories with them

Being able to travel with family is pretty awesome! 

We grow even closer to each other each time we travel together. I have had the best days of my life traveling with mine, filled with treasurable moments. There are times, especially now when I am far from them, I go through photos, reminiscing about our times together.

Even though I still believe the best part about traveling is to back to your own home, traveling with family always makes me feel better and grateful for them.

Do you prefer solo traveling or travel with family?

How To Not Go Crazy When You Travel With Family