First Lunar New Year Festival Celebration In Singapore


It's my first time celebrating Lunar New Year in Singapore after living there for 8 years. Chinatown looked lively and colorful; buzzing with auspicious energy and all sorts of nationality.

Lunar New Year in Singapore

Temple Street have been closed for Lunar New Year festival bazaar for a couple of days. A row of the small shops were open on each side of the street, selling things which either you might need for or attract good luck for the new year.

My favorite item this Lunar New Year was the monkey balloons to represent the year of the Monkey.

I got one for myself the night before. Unfortunately, it flew away before I got the chance to name it. I chose to believe that it's a good luck to have your Monkey balloon fly away, a symbol that all your wishes and dreams reach the stars.


For extra luck in life, love, career, health or wealth, whichever life aspect you might need improvement in, there is a good luck charm available to help you with it, similar to Japanese Daruma Doll believed to grant your wishes.


The latest plastic decor trend in Singapore is fake garden plant. Pretty cute, eh? Especially the rainbow touch. It reminded me of the weird pets I had in the past. I'd get one and put it on my cubicle if I was still living in Singapore.


This candy's my cousin's favorite. She said she could only get it in Chinatown during Chinese New Year, so I got her and myself one each in every color.


Bamboo tree, mandarin orange, the number 8 and pineapple are good luck symbols. 2 for $6 was a cheap bargain to bring a good luck into your life. Don't you agree?


 Lunar new year celebration in Singapore is incomplete without some kuih, aka local biscuits, in transparent jars.


All types of people participated in the Lunar New Year celebration in Chinatown.


These candies were to be shared with the loved ones as a symbol of sharing all the sweet (good) things in life.


You know what I love the most about Chinatown during Lunar New Year? All the shiny trinkets promising a good luck to the carrier.


The Chinatown main street path, the ground zero, was fully decorated to resemble a well-lit forest. Filled with happy looking monkeys and peaches, another symbol of good luck. The whole thing was really cute, attracting thousands of people, to the street. Now time for me to treat myself with some spicy Chinese food at our favorite restaurant in Chinatown.

My first celebration of Chinese New Year in Singapore went auspiciously

I want to wish you another round of 2016 filled with happiness and blessings.

Do you celebrate Lunar New Year? Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year in one of Asia countries?

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