Dubai Desert Safari, Arabian Night Dinner And Belly Dance


I have always wanted to visit the desert ever since I watched the Indian movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam song right after Aishwarya Rai said goodbye to Salman Khan. The desire grows bigger and bigger with more Indian songs and travel blogger stories about it.

Dubai Desert Safari

The journey to the desert was a long and boring one. I sat in the front seat while the middle seats were occupied by a questionable family trio. When we finally arrived, the guide got down to flatten the car tires, which apparently needed to be done to ride into the desert.

On the contrary, the ride on the desert was really fun!

It was an adrenaline pumping type of fun, one of my best travel experiences! And for someone who doesn't dare to ride a roller coaster, I could see myself doing this all the time while simultaneously feeling fancy about it.

Dubai Desert Arabian Night



There was henna painting session. The lady who was working on my hand was gorgeous. I asked her name, and she said, Shaina. I then tried to make conversation with Shaina, but she didn't seem to be in the mood to chat at all. Maybe she had a long day, so I let her be. We sat there in silence until she was done. Thank you, Shaina. I love it!


By the way, that's used to be favorite watch. It's a limited edition fossil designed by Eley Kishimoto. Don't be fooled by the Japanese name (like I did), it's a London-based company. Sadly I lost this watch :(

Dubai Desert Camel Ride

We rode the camels!

It was a very short ride and nothing like how it's glorified in the movies. I should cut down TV consumption time since the line between the reality and make-believe is getting blurry. Also, the camels looked tired, though I couldn't figure out whether it's really the case or that's just their normal facial expression. All these didn't stop me from buying the overcharged photograph of us riding the camels. That picture is now proudly displayed on our fridge door.

Have you ever ridden on a camel before?

Still on camel topic. They also sold camel candies and ice cream. Since I’m not an animal milk drinker, I knew better not to start with camels.

Middle East Feast In The Desert

The dinner was great mainly because they have a free flow of wine, which is the only thing I could recall having that night.


We also had a Shisha!

It was my mom's first. She seemed to enjoy it, although she very much refused to admit it. As for me, after a few puffs, I was already in a happy buzz.


Star gazing and belly dancing

Even though the ten minutes of complete darkness to star gaze was amazing, the belly dancing definitely was the peak of the desert safari Arabian night.

I have seen belly dance before, after all, I worked near the Arab street for years, and we used to chill after hours at one of the Middle East cafes. But this lady, Haba.. haba.. She was the most talented belly dancer I have ever seen IRL.

I have two minds about enjoying belly dance.

On the one hand, I am mesmerized by belly dance moves, and I love watching the ladies doing it, energetically and sensually. But on the other hand, I feel super uncomfortable when I see some people ogle at the ladies who are performing. We are supposed to enjoy the belly dance as a part of the culture, instead of looking at them with our jaw open and saliva coming out. Is it just me or does anyone else share the same irks-ness?

After the dance and a couple more glasses of wine, we went back to our hotel. I am glad I had a cultural experience of desert safari. It's my favorite part of the Dubai trip!

if you been to Dubai before, tell me, what do you love the most about it?

Dubai Desert Safari, Arabian Night Dinner And Belly Dance