7 Steps To Master Tea Leaf Reading To Read Your Future

I attended a tea leaf reading workshop at the annual Melbourne Tea Festival. Even as a woo-woo person, seeing the future through tea leaf reading had never interested me. But on that day scene from Harry Potter flashed in the mind, and I wasn't going to miss a real-life Divination Class. I just had to experience it. I did. And it was awesome.


Over the weekend, with a little research, I did my own tea leaf reading session at home. So, if you are interested, here is the step-by-step way to do your own tea leaf reading at home.

7 Steps To Master Tea Leaf Reading And Be Your Own Fortune Teller

1. Choose your medium

There are different versions of tasseography; you can use loose tea leaves, wine sediment, or coarse coffee grounds (I wish we could read the boba from bubble tea as well -- oh well, one can dream!) I have never brewed my own coffee, and I always finish my wine until the last drop, so tea seems like a safe option.


2. Get your teacup and saucer

Use a teacup with a proper shape and size, nothing too crazy as that might make it hard for you to read your own future. Maybe one with a white or light colour on the inside part. Also, don't forget the saucer as you will need it for the later part. Also, go one step further and use something that you love instead of any random set to do the tea leaf reading.

3. Put some tea leaf in the cup and pour hot water into it

A very important note: once there is liquid in your cup, no one can touch it except you.

Tasseology holds the belief that humans are energy beings and that we transfer our energy to everything we touch. It also holds that water is a great energy inductor.

I read about a similar concept years ago, but somehow after the tea leaf reading master's explanation that day, this concept stuck with me. I have been more mindful of "transferring the energy" onto things I own by treating them more kindly and carefully.

4. Sip your tea and relax

This is the best thing about tea leaf reading. Any excuse to sit with a cup of tea and relax. Try to drink as much as possible from the cup.

5. Tip the cup into the saucer to drain the rest of the water inside

Now you know the reason for the saucer in the first place.

6. Flip the cup and start reading your future by predicting the image


I saw a bird in mine. A bird means I am supposed to expect some news or gifts coming my way.  Gifts are always welcome!


And the tea leaf reading master spotted a 3D seahorse from the other side. I am yet to figure out what a seahorse means. This time Google couldn't help much.


I saw a paper plane in my near future. Travel! That's not much of a surprise since I am flying to Sydney on that weekend. I also saw two floating hearts in my one-year future. Well, that must be something good right? Maybe I will traveling with my loved one in the future. Maybe to Japan? Oh yes, that would be awesome!

7. Take a note of the timing


So, there is a way to incorporate time in predicting your future with tea leaf reading. It depends which quadrant the "image" appears in. Clockwise, the closest it is to the cup handle, the sooner it will happen.

The quadrant time rule comes with an exception: if the image is huge and dominates the cup, it's not time bound.

8. If you don't like the image, change it


Yes, exactly that. If you don't like what you see, change it. That's such a powerful sentence.

It doesn't mean that you change what you see in the cup, but change the things that are within your control in real life. I believe one single shift of choice has the power to change your life.

9. Enjoy!

A tea leaf reading is meant to be enjoyed and taken with a light heart, you guys. At least, that's how I approach it. So, invite your friends or cozy up by yourself, pour some tea, relax, and enjoy!


Here is my tea leaf image. Tell me, what do you see? I see a half face and a 3D butterfly, The tea leaf reading master saw an apple, and the lady on my left side saw Pinocchio. So far, I like Tina's, the blogger I met in the tea leaf reading, interpretation the most. She said, "It's clearly a peacock, the symbol of good luck." Yazzz!

I wonder what's Asian culture intake on tea leaf reading?

Have you done a tea leaf reading before? Would you? Maybe you can start with the DIY version first *clicking my cup to yours*.

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