10 True Power Of Travel Culture That Can Help To Shape You


Travel culture is insane in the way that it has the power to change a person forever. There are many turns in this world which mould the way we see ourselves and our thoughts about the world. Yes, travel culture has that kind of power.

10 True Power Of Travel Culture That Can Help To Shape You

1. Travel culture makes us question our relationship

A friend once said, "if you want to know the real character of a person, work with them". I believe the same goes when you travel with them.

Staying together out of the comfort zone, far from normalcy reveals more about people and their relationship dynamics much faster. Travel shines a fluorescent light on our love life, no matter how long we have been together. It's gonna get real and (sometimes) ain't gonna be pretty.

If we are happy being around them all the time, or at least if we can tolerate their antics, then ding ding ding, we have passed the relationship test, travel culture edition. Otherwise? Time to reflect on the relationship you guys!


2. Travel culture makes us think we can live without 99% of our stuff

We did it! We went with one luggage (almost caused a heart attack when packing it) for the first long trip and survived. We lived decently, without once missing the things we left behind.

We thought we would suffer, instead, we were happily living off of a suitcase.

We realised we only need so little to lead a decent life.

The question then is what is the purpose of three containers worth of items waiting for us at home?

3. Travel culture gives us the high feeling even before actually doing it

Only a handful of people claim of never experiencing the pre-travel high. It’s when it feels like we just got a promotion or after being told we couldn't gain weight no matter how much cheesecake we ate.

The extra things we need to take care of before traveling doesn't matter. In two days or two weeks, we will be boarding a plane and whisk away to somewhere far and fun. Count on that buzz and reaffirm it every chance we can. The best part about it? We haven't even started to travel yet!


4. Travel culture pushes our boundaries

Suddenly, separated by a thousand miles from our comfort zone, we are willing to risk our precious lives in a bigger scale than before.

Taking a small chopper is something we wouldn’t consider if only there is another way to reach the gorgeous tiny island waiting for us on the other side; but since there is none, we buckle up and say our prayers, and leave it to the higher authority (God, not the pilot). 

The higher risk of disease and crime might wait for us at the unknown place, but we face it in the name of travel.

5. Travel Culture Keeps us at awe


Whether we travel to Hong Kong, Ubud or Namibia, there are new experiences waiting to be discovered; amazing views and delicious food ready to knock us out of our consciousness.

We live in an unimaginable gorgeous planet, but most of the time we get used to it, we operate on autopilot mode.

But that's not the case when we are on the other side of the world. We keep all our senses open, exactly like a five-year-old.And that's when the best of the world reveals itself to us.

6. Travel culture doesn't quench your wanderlust, quite the opposite actually

Now that we have traveled, dipped our feet into the nomad life, we can't NOT do it again!

The goal to travel one dream destination turns into a worldwide wanderlust.

We have a travel bucket list now! And we promise ourselves that we will travel more; at least twice a year, ideally once every two months. We, my friends, have been bitten by the travel culture bug. And there is no cure for it other than traveling more and some more.

7. Being on the road makes us appreciate home


Another contradicting fact about travel culture, when we are at home, we constantly think about traveling. We dream about some exotic place, to bask in foreign cultures and food (mostly food). But after some time being on the road, we start missing home. The familiarity, the quirky bed sheet, heck we even miss the stupid neighbour and their stupid small talks.

Time to book a flight home.

8. Travel culture teaches us to save

As the old saying goes, pack half the clothes and twice the money

Travel always ends up costing more than expected.

Ever since we made a promise to ourselves to save up for future travels, we start to compare every time we buy against another day or meal while traveling. We learn to be thrifty and start a travel fund account, be it in the actual bank or the collection of coins we diligently put into the piggy bank at home. Either way, we have another monetary goal.

9. Travel culture drains your cash, but richens your life

Let's be real, we travellers are not rich in a conventional way, like have lots of money in the bank way. Every time we reach our savings target. we book another trip instead of let's say saving up for a wedding. When our peers are making down payments for their houses, we quit our jobs and buy a RTW ticket. And a couple of years down the road, when they have the house and we have what looked like nothing much, but stories to share.

Do we regret our decisions? Most probably not.

We are happy, those stories are our life experience. Life changing experiences, those are priceless, at least for us.

10. Travel culture increases productivity

Although the bosses wouldn't agree with the study that claims travel helps productivity, for some it rings true.

An upcoming travel plan is like a shortened deadline injected with endorphins + red bull. We want to finish the project early and properly so we can enjoy our travels without the burden or someone calling regarding the unfinished tasks.

Also, when we truly unplug from our daily responsibilities, the brain finally gets the much-needed rest and possibly come up with some fresh ideas and solutions.

Travel culture has the potential to alter the way we live our lives

but in the end, it's still our choice to allow it or just make it only about visiting a new destination. The choice is ours. Surrender to the power of travel culture and immerse yourself in the travel cultural experience while being on the road.

Do you prefer shot term travel or more like a gap year?

10 True Power Of Travel Culture That Can Help To Shape You