These are the things I want to do at least once in my life. I have been adding and crossing things off of this list since I was gifted The Wish List by Barbara Ann Kifper a couple decades ago.

  1. Be witness at a wedding.
  2. Visit Uluru.
  3. Experience the midnight sun.
  4. Manage a Bed and Breakfast.
  5. Skinny dip in the ocean.
  6. Take interesting pictures daily for the scrapbook.
  7. Have a picnic, or two.
  8. Master cat-eye makeup.
  9. Snorkel, again and again.
  10. Hike more.
  11. Swim often.
  12. Write and cast a spell.
  13. Ski.
  14. Sell a photograph on SmugMug.
  15. Go camping.
  16. Treat myself to a chakra balancing session.
  17. Successfully grow edible vegetables in my urban garden and cook a meal with it.
  18. Buy a well researched telescope and use it regularly.
  19. Try new cuisines. I am thinking Laos, Afghan and..
  20. Read more books.
  21. Take a weekend cruise.
  22. Give project 33 a try.
  23. Go on a balloon ride.
  24. Eat at Vue De Monde.
  25. Visit 180 countries.
  26. Visit all big cities in Australia.
  27. Post letters of love and appreciation.
  28. Master a favorite easy to cook meal.
  29. Attend a soul retreat workshop.
  30. Read tarot accurately for others.
  31. Plant a tree.
  32. Do yoga regularly!
  33. Throw house sleepover parties.
  34. Post/delete all post drafts in the blog.
  35. Keep an open diary for a year.
  36. Travel with Papa and Mama Kween.
  37. Share anonymous Post-it notes.
  38. Drink coffee Luwak.
  39. Greet a local with A-yŏng-ha-se-yo in Korea.
  40. Walk in a swimsuit on Bondi Beach.
  41. Own an original painting.
  42. Eat French food outside of France.
  43. Experience fish spa.
  44. Publish an article in a magazine.
  45. Gamble in Macau.
  46. Take a selfie in front of the Berlin Wall.
  47. Stay in the oldest hotel in the world and Hogwatrs themed hotel in London.
  48. Plant a flower.
  49. Eat food truck food.
  50. Host a party.
  51. Stay on a farm in New Zealand.
  52. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination.
  53. Make new international friends while traveling.
  54. Try Happy Pizza.
  55. Eat white pepper crab dish in Singapore.
  56. Soak in an Onsen.
  57. Solo traveling.
  58. Visit Disneyland and sleep at a Disney hotel.
  59. Write a letter to someone who inspired me.
  60. Eat at Jiro Sushi.
  61. Eat fish from Tsukiji fish market.
  62. Watch the iconic tuna auction at Tsujiki fish market.
  63. Go to Maid Cafe and Cat Cafe.
  64. Show up in PJs to work.
  65. Migrate to Australia.
  66. Get married on a train.
  67. Travel around the world for a full year.
  68. Participate in a local festival.
  69. Get my astrological chart drawn up.
  70. Get a tarot reading.
  71. Go on the Sex and The City tour in the USA.
  72. Write a book.
  73. Visit places in EatPrayLove.
  74. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  75. Take a canal cruise in Amsterdam.
  76. Ride an elephant.
  77. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  78. Celebrate new year’s eve in Times Square.
  79. Spend winter in the Alps.
  80. Ride Rail Europe.
  81. Eat Sacher Torte in Vienna.
  82. Ride on the London Double Decker bus.
  83. Do volunteer work overseas.
  84. Eat Belgium chocolate in Belgium.
  85. Send a postcard from the Vatican City.
  86. Wave to the statue of Liberty.
  87. Celebrate the Oktoberfest in German.
  88. Hug platform 9 3/4.
  89. Watch a play.
  90. Stay in the Four Seasons.
  91. Stay in one of the famous hostels in Europe.
  92. Sleepover in a Tibetian monastery.
  93. Stay out all night till the sun comes up.
  94. Take a dance class.
  95. Take a painting class.
  96. Take a selfie at the Taj Mahal.
  97. Eat Hyderabad briyani in India.
  98. Travel by myself to another country.
  99. Trek to Machu Picchu.
  100. Be a witch.
  101. Visit a volcano.
  102. Visit Coco Chanel’s apartment.
  103. Visit Colosseum.
  104. Hanami in Japan.
  105. Visit the Galapagos Island or Raja Empat.
  106. Stay in an AirBnB.
  107. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  108. Walk on a Black Sand Beach.
  109. Walk on the pink beach.
  110. Visit the pink lake.
  111. Walk on a glacier.
  112. Pay a stranger’s toll/coffee.
  113. Order a lavish room service.
  114. Take a selfie in front of the seven wonders of the world.
  115. Research my family origins.
  116. Ride a camel.
  117. Ride on a glass bottom boat.
  118. Ride on an old fashioned train.
  119. Ride on the back of a motorcycle.
  120. Roam a medieval castle.
  121. See the forbidden city.
  122. See La Sagrada Famiglia in Barcelona.
  123. Selfie in front of the Hollywood sign.
  124. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.
  125. See the pyramids of Giza.
  126. Send mail to a stranger.
  127. Smoke weed in Amsterdam.
  128. Sponsor a child.
  129. Attend ComiCon.
  130. Be a bridesmaid.
  131. Attend a beach wedding.
  132. Become an organ donor.
  133. Visit Borobudur.
  134. Camping trip.
  135. Celebrate a birthday in Trans Siberian.
  136. Create an iPhone app.
  137. Dance in the rain.
  138. Dive the Great Barrier.
  139. Do a tea tasting in China.
  140. Do an African Safari.
  141. Drink wine in the vineyard it was grown.
  142. Eat in a celebrity chef’s restaurant.
  143. Eat something strange.
  144. Eat sushi in Japan.
  145. Fill a gratitude journal with 1000 entries.
  146. Run on a sunflower field.
  147. Float in the Dead Sea.
  148. Fly somewhere First Class.
  149. See the lavender farm.
  150. Keep a pet sheep.
  151. Dine on the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  152. Have a coffee at Hemingway’s regular coffee shop.
  153. Decorate a Christmas tree.
  154. Have a recent family photo taken.
  155. Have a trip planned for me.
  156. Have breakfast in bed and stay in bed.
  157. Join a protest.
  158. Join a secret society.
  159. Join or start a book club.
  160. Participate on lantern festival.
  161. Learn French.
  162. Learn how to drive a manual car.
  163. Learn to say “hello” in 10 different languages.
  164. Live out of my backpack for an entire year.
  165. Loan money on kiva.
  166. See a shooting star.
  167. Kiss under the mistletoe.
  168. Build a snowman.
  169. Make cookies from scratch.
  170. Miss my plane.
  171. Visit the Big Apple.
  172. Visit Sistine Chapel.
  173. See the northern lights.
  174. Visit the Blue Lagoon.
  175. Wear an El Camino bracelet.
  176. Take an overnight train.
  177. Party in Las Vegas.
  178. Stay at a 5-star hotel.
  179. Stay in a beach house.
  180. Stay in a boutique hotel.
  181. Stay in an ice hotel.
  182. Watch a live concert.
  183. Make a wish at the Fontana di Trevi.
  184. Visit Central Park and Central Perk.
  185. Send a mail to my future self.
  186. Greece islands hopping.
  187. Visit the desert.
  188. Compete in Come Dine With Me.
  189. Live in a place where I don’t speak the local language.
  190. Watch all Audrey Hepburn’s B&W movies.
  191. Play paintball.
  192. Race Go-Karts.
  193. Go whale watching.

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