Melbourne Diary: Visiting Melbourne For The Second Time


You guys, I am in Australia, visiting Melbourne for the second time.

I reached the Melbourne airport on the early morning, went pass the airport security in a jiffy and minutes later I jumped into the taxi. On the way to the city, peering outside the window, I couldn’t feel the magic pull of Melbourne. The same pull which attracted me to Singapore, the one that should have made me attracted to Melbourne, but it looked plain.

Maybe Melbourne really is a place for a local but not a tourist? — I thought.

I rested, showered and went out for breakfast to St. Ali. It’s a crowded day and I had the typical western breakfast. It’s nice, but it doesn’t satisfy my Asian taste bud. Not long after, I went back to the apartment as the tiredness caught up with me. I slept until the evening before taking another shower and head down, by train this time, to Chinatown at Bourke Street in the CBD area.

I had been to Melbourne’s Chinatown before, in 2013, with Jik and my cousins. The streets looked quite familiar, except this time it’s overly crowded. Almost like I was in Asia instead of Melbourne. We settled on a restaurant called the China Red, ordered the chili-oil fish and, to my relief, bowls of rice. I will definitely come back here.

Btw, I feel more than a little awkward with Australian friendliness and enthusiastic greetings. I kept hiding behind Fafa and immediately revealed that I am not a local by the tone I use. Gah!!

I love visiting Melbourne for the second time around. It’s the prequel of my life as a Melbourne expat, which is happening in a few months time. I can hardly wait!

Tell me about your story of visiting Melbourne for the first, second and more time around.

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