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Travel Blogger FAQ 1: What gave you the travel bug?

It’s more of who than what gave me the travel bug and that would be my three best friends  It was started with a girls’ getaway with Yin, Vi and Fia to Bali during our last year of school. I remember not doing much touristy activity there as I was nursing a terrible toothache, but still after gulping a number of cheap* white Russians, we made some of the best memories there.

Travel Blogger FAQ 2: How has travel changed you?

Travel has defined me as a person. I never feel like I belong somewhere and by traveling I came into realization that it’s okay; being a nomad is okay. It’s the fuel for my dream to live in different places for a certain period, instead of putting my roots somewhere. Not only because fits my soul, for me, it’s an AWESOME way to live.  In short, I learn to live my life my way by traveling.

Travel Blogger FAQ 3:  What was your biggest travel blooper?

I missed a flight, got diarrhea, lost my passport and kindle (found the passport, not the kindle), and got cheated by tour guides before, but what I considered as the biggest (averted) blooper was when I begged my friend to take me to an Asian restaurant in Europe because I missed eating rice so very much. Never mind the strong MSG taste to add the flavor of the fried rice, never mind paying twenty times more than what I would pay back home, I was finally eating rice after almost two weeks and that was happiness.

Travel Blogger FAQ 4: Where are you going next?

I am going to Cambodia this weekend, which is the second place in this year’s travel list I’ll be crossing. *uber excited*. There will be some Lara Croft enactment, I need to watch a video tutorial on how to do own braids; Also will be needing a new body and lips. I have been considering to pass water gun through airport security.

Travel Blogger FAQ 5: Why do you blog?

I started blogging because I wanted to keep a record of my expat life and the travels in between. Sort of an open travel journal, but these days I blog regularly to learn to write better, to connect with awesome sauce people, to share positivity, and mainly to be inspired and inspire people to live our lives to the happiest and finest.

Travel Blogger FAQ 6: What is your carry on travel necessities?

A make up pouch, camera, a trashy magazine, passport, diary, sunnies, glasses, hand cream, kindle, eye mask, wallet, pen (pink dodo bird), backpack, scarf, a zip lock bag for valuables, Miaw the cat and Gopi the multitasking pillow.

Travel Blogger FAQ 7: How do your families respond to your vagabond lifestyle?

To think about it even though my best friends gave me the travel bug, I always have the traveling gene. I used to hear my papa adventurous travel stories since forever. As a travel loving geek himself, it’s easy for him to understand my hobo like lifestyle and ache to sample different cultures every now and then. Whilst my mama always is in the state worry of me being kidnapped by Russian mafia which she assumes lives everywhere. Oh well.. One of out of two is good enough.

Travel Blogger FAQ 8: What’s your favorite city for eating?

It would be Bali. The food in Bali is so flavorful and there are so many varieties to choose from. You can get the best of local in Warungs, the best of seafood on the other side of Jimbaran until the best of French in Metis. Don’t get me started with the coffee and the quirky coffee shops there. I could never stop eating while in Bali. Maybe that’s why I constantly think of Bali. Apparently, it was not the white beach, it was the yellow rice.

Travel Tips: take it up a notch and attend a cooking class.  You can bring the Balinese flavor back home.

Travel Blogger FAQ 9: What’s your worst transportation horror story?

Hi everyone, my name is NaNa and I am a plane prayer. Every time I plant my ass on the budget airline seat, I pray, without fail. I ask God to protect us during the flight, to keep birds and clouds away from the plane and to sober up the pilot, in case he is nursing a hangover, and every time God answers my prayer, without fail, because he is God.

Travel Blogger FAQ 10: Where do I absolutely have to go and what do I need to do when I get there?

Liz it would absolutely be Japan and the first thing you need to do even before going there is to call me so I can join you for a fun bloggers’ trip. There are so many interesting things to experience in Japan, from sleeping on a tatami like a local to soaking in a public bathtub, from meeting Mount Fuji to visiting the graveyard. You just need to go there Liz and Japan will take care of the rest. It is a must visit, must experience, must fall in love with. I promise you that you will LOVE it.

Travel Blogger FAQ 11: Tell us your top place that you want to travel to and what you would do there?

I would love to do a road trip to USA for a few months. Staying in different cities and experience micro cultures in person instead of living vicariously through western TV dramas.

Travel Blogger FAQ 12: What is your favorite food on the road?

This question is always impossible to answer.

Your turn, ask me anything travel blogger related!

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