Tarot Reading Is The Next Best Thing To A Shrink

tarot reading

Every woman needs her shrink. Fortune teller is the second best thing” – wise word of Liz. I quoted her words to Jik before reciting my tarot reading experience in details over the phone.

Let’s back up and start from the beginning. Although I am a frequent patron of Spellbox, which has been my version of Diagon Alley, I had never booked tarot reading session, nor had I have any interest on it as I had never been into divination. I preferred the future unfolds itself and surprises me — hopefully with lots of good news. 

Saying that, I have been to fortune tellers before. Thrice. First was a rune reading for a major life event which made everything worse; then, a numerology reading for an investment which gave the answer I didn’t want to hear, but came true anyway. Lastly, in Singapore, I had a BaZi reading done by a Feng Shui master who couldn’t speak English at all and a translator who I suspected didn’t do a good job, because at the end I got the vaguest answer ever. Something along the line: it will happen in the future. Ugh!

Yeah, I am not a fan.

So, I am not sure why the morning after the boozy heart to heart session with Liz, I followed up on her advice and booked the tarot reading slot for the weekend. I tried to tell myself the tarot reading is a part of my new year’s resolution to experience new things.

Not that tarot is a completely new thing for me. I have a tarot deck and I had my Uni friend, Amritha, read my tarot cards for me back in 2008. I remember that she consulted her tarot book to interpret the spread and was being almost correct in profiling me and my life.

Still, I wasn’t fully convinced on paying a stranger to dictate the future, my future, to my face.

The night before, I googled the tarot reader. Unfortunately, without knowing her last name, I couldn’t find anything much. Only that she is a DNA healer, which was pretty rad! Then and there I decided to give this tarot reading a try. 

Next day, in the afternoon, I went into Spellbox almost an hour early, roamed around the small new age store, picked a few things (travel enhancing crystals, aura cleansing salt and a wish granting candle) before instructed to go up to the second floor which usually is restricted to the visitors.

I went up, walked pass a small alley stacked with various tarot and oracle cards and into a small room. The room was pretty dim despite having a huge window overlooking the arcade, from where I could see people walking and going about their lives. There was a bright haired lady wearing multiple necklaces sitting behind a round table. The table was covered by a red patterned cloth. On it there were at least three decks of cards, a notebook and a few crystals. Calming, familiar, incense smell filled up the room.

We introduced ourselves. Bright pink haired lady as Sandra and I, Kal. After apologizing to each other for being late, I sat down and she asked me to shuffle the deck of cards in front of me. I nervously did while my heart started to beat a little faster.

She said she is not getting anything from me, as in she couldn’t pick up my energy and asked me to keep shuffling the tarot cards. I continued awkwardly. A few cards kept falling off from the deck. In the meantime, we started chatting. She wanted to make me feel comfortable so that my energy would let her in. I guess it worked because after some time she told me to stop and pass her the cards. She spread it on the table, asked me to ask a question and pick seven cards from the spread.

And then the tarot reading session began..

Sandra revealed a lot of things. Some good things and some reminders of difficult things. But most were interesting things with a few goosebump moments in between.

She told me that I am a writer a few minutes after I sat down, even before I picked up the cards. I told her that it’s true, I have a blog and that I actually mentioned here in the blog that I am going to ask her whether I will ever publish a book. She said yes, yes I will. Oh wow, time to start writing that book!

I liked her more when she told me that I was practically still a ‘baby’ after I shared my birth date and age. 

At the same time, she also told me I am an old soul. That I have been born into the world multiple times. Well, it explained my love for Moon River, the song. Maybe it’s also why I never get the cool abbreviations youngsters use all the time. Even when I was one of them.

She knew that I am going to travel in April. 

She described the bullies at work in details and told me to stand up for myself because these bullies represent the bullies I had avoided during school time, years ago. And that if I don’t, they will keep revealing themselves in various life stages until I do stand up for myself.

Sandra told me that I am an observant leader and didn’t flitch when I told her I want to be the president, which made me like her even more. That great things will start to unfold itself after my next birthday and that I have a guardian angel. Someone in my family bloodline who she described really well. Someone who told her they approve of my love life. 

She also told me I would be able to retire in my 40s, which is great because it has been the plan all this while.

I also asked her whether I will ever have kids, she said yes.

She kept reminding me that I need to think and decide with my heart and trust my gut feeling and that the things I desire are just in the corner. I need to believe to receive it. Lastly, she advised me connect to the earth, my element, as much possible;  and most importantly to have fun. With that, we were done. 

I thanked her and was on the brink of hugging her before I stopped myself as I wasn’t sure whether it’s even appropriate to hug your fortune teller.

This tarot reading, which lasted for an hour, has been the most empowering moment I have experienced lately (excluding the daily dose of support I get from Fafa). It’s a time and money well spent. I beamed with presidency glow for the rest of the day.

Back to Jik, I managed to convince her to do a tarot reading when she visits next time. And I am planning to take Vi and Yin, who are visiting Melbourne this month, to Spellbox too. 

Eep.. I am falling deeper into the new age rabbit role you guys!

Please tell me that at least some of you have done it or want to do tarot reading in the future!

Ps. If you are curious about the tarot cards featured in the picture, it’s Vanessa Tarot card deck by Lynyrd Narciso. I have had it for years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember where and how I got it, but you can buy it here.

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