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Mount Fuji

Meeting The Might Mount Fuji For The First Time

There are many things I like about travelling. One is the scenery which takes my breath away the very second I see it. Admittedly, I have had many of those, like the first sight...
Japan Itinerary

The Ultimate One Week Japan Itinerary Part 1 of 2

A friend, some time ago, asked me for recommendations on her first trip to Japan. We decided to meet up for a coffee so that I could share Japan through my rose-tinted love shaped...
Lukas Stobie

Mario Brothers in Kyoto Station Painting By Lukas Stobie

I can’t tell you why or even since when, but for the longest time the¬†adult me has always wanted to own an original¬†painting. It’s one of the things to cross in my bucket list....

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