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First day in Japan

First Day in Japan: Ohayou Gozaimasu Tokyo

It was pass afternoon when we touched down at Narita airport. My first day in Japan! I was beyond thrilled. Japan has been on my travel list since, well since forever. Since Doraemon, since manga...
Japan Itinerary

The Ultimate One Week Japan Itinerary Part 1 of 2

A friend, some time ago, asked me for recommendations on her first trip to Japan. We decided to meet up for a coffee so that I could share Japan through my rose-tinted love shaped...

I Want To Live In The Whimsical Tokyo Apartment

Over the weekend I caught up with the Girls latest season. Lo and behold, Shosh wakes up in a whimsical Tokyo apartment! She is living in Tokyo! What?! Since when?! Did it happen in...
Shinjuku Tokyo

Being Alone In The Incredibly Busy Tokyo

I avoid going to the same place I have been to before. My reason? I still have a large part of the world to explore, I will do the repetition later, once and if, I...

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