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Phi Phi Holidays

We Wish A Very Happy Phi Phi Holidays To All

Wish You A Very Happy Phi Phi Holidays! I celebrated a sandy Christmas with a huge dose of sunshine, and if you follow my Instagram (specializing in weekend manicure, bubble tea and cat memes)...

First Day in Phuket

Me and colleagues finally reached Thailand close to midnight yesterday. And today is officially our first day in Phuket. Technically, it’s our first morning in Phuket. We are taking it slow, with lots of chilling,...

Last Day In Bangkok, We Are Never Coming Back

It’s 930AM from our apartment suite in Bangkok. It’s our last day here. Yin is showering. While waiting for her, here is a little update, typed on the awesome bed. Have I mentioned how soft and...
Bangkok Floating Market

We Spent Our Morning Exploring Bangkok Floating Market

Yin and I spent our morning exploring Bangkok floating market and it was really an awesome experience. This memory will be going to treasure box.
Phi Phi Island

Thailand Diary: A Weekend On Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Day 1 – We are the Phi-Phi-er We are on Phi Phi island! We took a boat ride from Krabi yesterday; it took two hours to reach this amazing island. Within...
Activities in Phi Phi Island

50 Super Fun Activities On Phi Phi Island

50 super fun activities on Phi Phi Island: Get the two hour Thai massage. And then your hair braided. Go to Maya beach and reenact some James Bond’s moves. Eat fresh seafood by the beach....

First Day in Thailand: Coastal Town Krabi

Sawadee ka from Krabi you guys! This post is written in a small cottage room in Krabi, Thailand, but I started my day from Singapore. Let me rewind it a bit… I woke up...

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