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Solo Traveling Kween

Solo Traveling Is Not All That And Here Is Why

Other than AirBnB and GoPro, solo traveling has become the most happening thing in the travel world in recent years, especially for women. The ladies I know are either embracing it or at least talking...

This Vagabond Soul Is Longing For NYC

If I could drop everything and get on a plane for a two week vacation right now, where would I go and why? It’s NYC for me. I thought about it in the shower this...
Spicy food in China

Confused Desi Eats Spicy Food in China

I like spicy food. Maybe because I am an Indonesian, maybe because I am an Indian; both contribute to my love of chili. I wrote this spicy food in China piece for the time when I...
Shinjuku Tokyo

Being Alone In The Incredibly Busy Tokyo

I avoid going to the same place I have been to before. My reason? I still have a large part of the world to explore, I will do the repetition later, once and if, I...

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