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Casa Mila Barcelona
Sydney apartment

Sydney Diary: My Best Friend’s Sydney Apartment

Remember when I told you I am going to share a sneak peek into our apartment, then I moved and promised to share the picture of the place, but haven’t. Well, before that, how...
Hosier Lane Melbourne Art
Christmas Box

A Sneak Peek Into The Kawaii Christmas Box

Happy almost Christmas you guys! Today, we finally revealed our secret Santa and exchanged gifts in the office. I guess there’s an adrenaline rush connected to opening a gift Christmas box because I felt so much...
Furano Japan
Tokyo Train Station
Zurich Switzerland

Sali From Zurich


Around The World Series: 7-Eleven

1. Singapore 7-Eleven   2. Japan 7-Eleven 3. Indonesia 7-Eleven 4. Australia 7-Eleven
The Fool Tarot Deck

A Sneak Peek Into The Mind Of A Fool

Do you want to know what’s happening inside the mind of a fool? I came home with 20 to do list, but spent the last three hours trying to fix a blog in blogger since I...
Inside My Closet

A Sneak Peek Inside My Closet

Hi all, today I took a picture of my wardrobe to give you a sneak peek of what’s inside my closet. It’s kinda colorful with lots of tee inside my closet. Most are from...

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