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Mona Hobart Tasmania
Mori Art Museum Tokyo

The Charming Journey at The Mori Art Museum Tokyo

One of the many happy memories of the recent Japan trip was an unplanned visit to Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum. On our way to lunch at Roppongi Jiro Sushi I saw a poster of the current exhibition...

Charcoal Painting Of Hirosaki Castle On The Street Of Tokyo

We bought a charcoal painting of Hirosaki Castle on the street of Tokyo on our last day, using our last yen. It was by a one-eyed artist who looked like Dumbledore. Japanese Dumbledore parked himself and...
Lukas Stobie

Mario Brothers in Kyoto Station Painting By Lukas Stobie

I can’t tell you why or even since when, but for the longest time the adult me has always wanted to own an original painting. It’s one of the things to cross in my bucket list....
Kulture Kween Cat Woman
Autumn Painting

I Made An Original Painting Of Autumn Leaves

For a long time, I have a wish to own an original painting; I even put it on my Wanderlist. I have been looking around online to get something I like and cheap and...
Kulture Kween Witch

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