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Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari Shrine Magnificent Red Tunnel of Torii Gates

This is the story of my first time visiting Fushimi Inari with my best friends. We woke up early today because we wanted to join a day tour by JTB. After an hour of searching...

First Day in Kyoto: Love At The First Night

Have you ever visited a place where you would like to immediately move to? That’s how I felt on my first day in Kyoto. My first impression of Kyoto is a vintage town with many...
Lukas Stobie

Mario Brothers in Kyoto Station Painting By Lukas Stobie

I can’t tell you why or even since when, but for the longest time the adult me has always wanted to own an original painting. It’s one of the things to cross in my bucket list....

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