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Blogmas Series: Christmas Gift It Forward

Season greetings you guys! Yesterday, while I was googling Melbourne Christmas market/cute, but work-inappropriate shocks/Christmas stamps/glittery pink tree/ugly Christmas jumpers/DIY Christmas ornaments/food in general/Christmas cakes/Christmas postcards, I stumbled upon Oxfam, the international charity organization...
Secret Santa Gift

My Christmas Secret Santa Gift Has Been Wrapped

I just finished wrapping everyone’s Christmas gifts, including my secret Santa gift and so ready to jump to my ever loving bed. So, so tired. Surprisingly, hadn’t learned much over the years. I keep...
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas From Miaw & I

Greetings humans and such, I am Miaw of NaNa’s Miaw aka The Kulture Kat. I am here today to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Nana had an injury recently and has been acting like...
Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag From My BFF The Birthday Girl

It was my BFF’s birthday and she gave me a goodie bag! We celebrated it over a dinner at Chinatown at a restaurant of her choice. I met her after work, while she took a...
Happy New Year 2012

Year Rewind Blog Series: 2012

Happy 2012! Happy New Year you guys, We celebrated it in the Universal Studio with BFF, Indian food and a staycation in the town. I am having a blast, hope you are too, wherever you...

Being A Secret Santa Is Not An Easy Side Job

We are playing Secret Santa at the office. The rule is that you have to treat the person you are randomly assigned with extra nice from day one until the Christmas party day (when you reveal...
Glittery Birthday Card

Happy Glittery Birthday To Me

I received another glittery birthday gift today. It was a surprise gift (the best kind) from a colleague who I like dearly. It was a slice of cake and glittery top. She has the...

Celebrating My Birthday: Universal Studio Edition

Fafa gave me Universal Studio tickets for my birthday. So we went there to celebrate my birthday over the weekend. It was a super duper fun day! He also gave me a tear drop...
Birthday card

I Got An Enormous Birthday Card

Thu and Daud threw a surprise birthday party for me 🙂

My First Teru Teru Buzo

I was given Teru Teru Buzo by Jik. She said it will keep me happy. Err… I thought they are supposed to prevent rain and rain makes me happy. So I don’t really understand...

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