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Heidiland Mountain

Besos From Barcelona

Hola de Barcelona The only reason we are in Barcelona right now is because we thought spending 5 nights in Nice, would be excessive so we added Spain into our itinerary and we chose Barcelona...
Zurich Switzerland

Sali From Zurich

Schonbrunn Palace Austria
pink pants

I Am On The Train To Vienna

I am on the train to Vienna, listening to 90s love Hindi songs and flipping through a foreign language woman magazine. Only a little different than the French chick in the Before Sunrise movie,...

Crossing The Continent of Europe With My Cousins

This is the story how the Europe trip came into fruition: Early this year, me and my cousins met up to celebrate a family wedding in India. At night we hung out by the hotel pool...

Extremely Pricey And Incridebly Reliable Samsonite Luggage

A new room, a Samsonite luggage, the royal couple stamps set and a few countries later, I am back! I have nothing much to say today, but I just want to keep this writing habit rolling....
Europe Trip Itinerary Amsterdam

My First Europe Trip Itinerary: Netherlands, France and Italy

Hey you guys, I just got done with my first epic Europe trip itinerary. Since it’s my first, I am considering some tour options, hence the prices. When I am there, I just need to...

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