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Salzburg Is The Fairy Tale Pocket Of Austria

When we planned our Europe trip, we each got to choose one city to be fit into our itinerary. As you know, I chose Berlin. Ji, who had been to Switzerland before, chose the...
Heidiland Mountain

Besos From Barcelona

Hola de Barcelona The only reason we are in Barcelona right now is because we thought spending 5 nights in Nice, would be excessive so we added Spain into our itinerary and we chose Barcelona...
Zurich Switzerland

Sali From Zurich

Schonbrunn Palace Austria
pink pants

Grüß Gott from Vienna

Grüß Gott is an Austrian way to greet each other you guys. Even though I couldn’t pronounce at all, I thought it’s a cool way to inform you that by the time you read this,...

I Am On The Train To Vienna

I am on the train to Vienna, listening to 90s love Hindi songs and flipping through a foreign language woman magazine. Only a little different than the French chick in the Before Sunrise movie,...

Crossing The Continent of Europe With My Cousins

This is the story how the Europe trip came into fruition: Early this year, me and my cousins met up to celebrate a family wedding in India. At night we hung out by the hotel pool...

Extremely Pricey And Incridebly Reliable Samsonite Luggage

A new room, a Samsonite luggage, the royal couple stamps set and a few countries later, I am back! I have nothing much to say today, but I just want to keep this writing habit rolling....

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