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soy pancake eat at work

What I Eat At Work On Crazy Hectic Days

You guys, today you will learn a bit more about myself. You are welcome! Come and get a closer look at the things I usually eat at work on my crazy hectic days. 1....
Moving Office Singapore

Singapore Expat Diary Blog Series: Moving Office

We are moving office from Katong to Bugis and today was the last day at our old office building. I started my morning with Nasi Lemak breakfast at Kartika, the Indonesian Restaurant. They know me...
Work Haiku

Singapore Expat Diary Blog Series: Work Haiku Edition

Singapore Expat Diary blog series was inspired by the interest to read about the life happenings of other expat bloggers. I started blogging about my life ever since I moved to Singapore. I hope you...
Office cubicle

A Sneak Peek Into My Office Cubicle And Life

You guys, take a sneak peek Into my office cubicle. It’s filled with all things me, we at least the ones I can fit and acceptable to show off at work. Yesterday, I finished...
Jobless Girl

Sneak Peek Into The Life of A Jobless Girl

A snippet from the diary of a jobless girl: Had a mini heart attack yesterday. While eating cookies and scratching my head mindlessly, this jobless girl opened all the job portals there are on...

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