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We Wish You Merīkurisumasu

Merry Christmas you guys! Or Merīkurisumasu from Tokyo! We just landed a few hours ago after the longest direct flight of my life (11hours). I am both freezing in the cold and dancing with...
Bad Santa
Kris Kringle

Blogmas Series: Kulture Kween Ultimate Christmas Playlist

A Lync message popped up on my work computer screen: “What type of music are you into?“. It was from Pedro, a Brazilian colleague who claimed I looked like his cousin. The latest addition to...

Blogmas Series: Christmas Tree At Our New Place Revealed

We don’t have the same Christmas tree we had last year. That glorious Christmas tree, our first Christmas tree, was discarded when we moved into a new place sometime this year. It was not an easy decision....
Christmas Gift Self Stir Mug

Indonesia Expat Diary Blog Series: Month 15th

The Indonesia Expat Diary blog series was inspired by an interest in reading about the life happenings of other expat bloggers. I started writing my own version of being an “expat” ever since I...
Myers Christmas Window Display
Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Fabulous Festive & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Fabulous Festive & Happy New Year, dear readers! Wish you and your loved ones all the happiness in the world. Thank you for being a part of my life.
Christmas Box

A Sneak Peek Into The Kawaii Christmas Box

Happy almost Christmas you guys! Today, we finally revealed our secret Santa and exchanged gifts in the office. I guess there’s an adrenaline rush connected to opening a gift Christmas box because I felt so much...
Secret Santa Gift

My Christmas Secret Santa Gift Has Been Wrapped

I just finished wrapping everyone’s Christmas gifts, including my secret Santa gift and so ready to jump to my ever loving bed. So, so tired. Surprisingly, hadn’t learned much over the years. I keep...

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