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Working Title Singapore

After Office Hours At The Working Title Singapore

(working title) used to be one of my favorite after office hours hang out places in Singapore. It had been a long day at work. A little past eight PM and I could take it...
happy birthday best friend

Happy Birthday Fia, You Opened My World!

This post is dedicated to my BFF, Fia, who just celebrated her happy birthday climbing the mountain to have a bird-eye view of the forbidden city. How cool is she??! Happy birthday Fia! When was...
Awesome Bloggers

Behind Every Blogger There Are A Few Awesome Bloggers

Behind every blogger there are a few awesome bloggers. This post is brought to you from purple room. I have moved back home as in yesterday. With a hand luggage and nothing but a bed in...

Vi Thought Us To How To Bake Homemade Christmas Cookies

We went to Vi’s place tonight and she taught us how to bake Christmas cookies, because she is the multi talented Super Vi. Green tea dough. Cookie dough. Friendship tattoos. Mickey cookies. Yin is...
Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag From My BFF The Birthday Girl

It was my BFF’s birthday and she gave me a goodie bag! We celebrated it over a dinner at Chinatown at a restaurant of her choice. I met her after work, while she took a...

We Celebrated Vi’s Engagement With Korean Food

Vi had a big announcement today. It’s about her engagement. Yep, She got engaged!! Wowza, that’s huge! I guess love is in the air this season. It was less than a couple months ago...
Three of Swords Tarot Breakup Kit

A DIY Breakup Kit To Fix Broken Heart

I prepared a healing from a breakup kit for a friend. A DIY immediate fix broken heart goodie bag if I may. It was kinda unintentional, I was just collecting the things that I thought...

Year Rewind Blog Series: 2008 Has Been Life Changing

First of all, I want to wish you all a happy new year! 2008 is coming in a few hours you guys! Tonight is going to be fun. I am celebrating the new year with...
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jik!

We are celebrating my BFF’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Jik! I love you!!

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