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Australia Road Trip To Cathedral Town Wangaratta

My first road trip in Australia was to the city Wangaratta. We drove to a small town, three hours from Melbourne, to the cathedral town Wangaratta. We saw a few dead kangaroos on the side of the road,...
Barossa Valley Adelaide

A Friendship Weekend in Adelaide

Adelaide plan was hatched at Madam Brussels when I, with teary eyes, asked Liz to travel together. I told her anywhere is fine, as long as we have our girly weekend. Then she, with...
Whale Watching

A Spiritual Experience Of Whale Watching In Gold Coast

Full disclosure, whale watching was never on my Wanderlist. I have a constant fear of drowning in the dark bottomless sea and I love my sea creatures served on a plate, both raw and...
Melbourne Flat White

Flat White Is The Australian Way To Get Caffeinated

This flat white post is inspired by a chapter with the same title in the Lily Brett’s book, Only In New York. I read her book for my Southbank book club. Unfortunately, I have...
Sydney AirBnB

Sydney Diary: Three Best Sydney AirBnB Neighbourhoods

Years back, when we were about to visit Australia for the first time, I failed to convince my cousins to stay in a Sydney AirBnB. I understand their qualms about staying in a stranger’s place,...

Sydney Diary: I Met Dugong at Sydney Aquarium

Last year I decided that I am going to explore all the aquariums in Australia just to prove that Fafa is wrong about me wasting my dollars on Merlion pass. I did just that when I...
Kings Cross I Hate Sydney

Sydney Diary: I Hate Sydney Before I Love Sydney

Before I love Sydney, I used to kinda dislike it. Gasp! How could I, right? But apparently, I declared that I hate Sydney at first sight in my culture-travel journal which I kept when I visited this...
Hosier Lane Melbourne Art
Melbourne expat diary

Melbourne Expat Diary Blog Series: 1st Month

Melbourne Expat Diary blog series was inspired by the interest to read about the life happenings of other expat bloggers. I started writing my own version ever since I moved to Melbourne. I hope you enjoy reading...
Australian Barbeque

My First Australian Barbeque

I went to my first Australian barbeque party today. It’s at Jik’s Toast Master friend in Sydney. We were two hours late, but we brought a gorgeous cake. Ian, the host, handed me a...

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