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Casa Mila Barcelona
Bohemian Apartment

A Virtual Tour To The Apartment And Travel Knick Knacks

I named our apartment the Burrow, the home of the Weasley family in the parallel universe, a hat tip to my obsession over Harry Potter. We have lived in this apartment for almost two...
Sydney apartment

Sydney Diary: My Best Friend’s Sydney Apartment

Remember when I told you I am going to share a sneak peek into our apartment, then I moved and promised to share the picture of the place, but haven’t. Well, before that, how...
Faneli Apartment

I Moved To A Melbourne Apartment

We are in the midst of moving to a new apartment. It’s a little bigger, further and outside of our budget than the current place, but still the same zip code and more importantly a...
Singapore HDB

I Have Lived in 13 Apartment Box Called Singapore HDB

Me and most of the people I know in Singapore live in Singapore HDB. HDB is government housing buildings, which makes it considerably cheaper to rent and, if you are a local, to buy. Singapore HDB...
Living Alone

Reasons Why I Really Enjoy Living Alone

I feel a bit hypocritical for writing about being happy that I am living alone when I am at my parents’ house, in my bedroom, waiting for my mom to shout, “Lunch is ready!“....
Hougang Singapore

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