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Bus To Melbourne Airport

Inflight Journal: A Note From The Bus To Melbourne Airport

Information on how to take bus to Melbourne Airport:  Take the train to Southern Cross Station — From Southern Cross Station take Skybus straight to the airport. Skybus leaves every 10 minutes. For more details please check...
Yogyakarta Old Phone

Inflight Journal: Yogyakarta From Jakarta Domestic Airport

Hello from Soekarna Hatta Airport domestic terminal Gate 2 Garuda Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Me and my cousin are off to Yogyakarta today. This will be my third time visiting the cultural center of the Java...
Singapore Changi Airport

A Sneak Peek To Singapore Changi Airport

“Are you coming or going?” // “I don’t know. Both.” – The Terminal. Of all the airports I have been to Singapore Changi Airport remains most favorite. And Singapore being the hub of South...
Dubai Airport

Inflight Journal: Dubai Airport

A short note on the way to Dubai Airport. Hey you guys, I am writing to you from 37k feet above ground from Emirates flight EK0357 on the way to the Middle East. We...
Melbourne Airport

Waving Goodbye Blog Series: Melbourne Airport

Greetings my blog friends. I’m writing to you from Melbourne airport. For some reasons we are stranded here for hours before going back, which means taking another flight to Sydney first before going home...

Inflight Journal First Edition

I’m in the airport, going to fly back to Jakarta in less than an hour. So happy. So excited. I have never liked the airport before, but now I have started to appreciate more....

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