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Singapore Changi Airport

A Sneak Peek To Singapore Changi Airport

“Are you coming or going?” // “I don’t know. Both.” – The Terminal. Of all the airports I have been to Singapore Changi Airport remains most favorite. And Singapore being the hub of South...
Airline Dining

Airline Dining: On My Tray Edition

Hi, you guys, I am bringing to you the third installment of Airline Dining, where I take pictures of the things I eat 40,000 feet up in the air and share it with you for...
Emirates-Airline Dining

Airline Dining: Hot Soup Edition

People, friends, readers and stalker; welcome the fourth installment of Airline Dining. Of many regular features I have been trying to write, this is the most useless one for you. Yet, this is the only...
Airline Dining New Zealand Air

Airline Dining: Eating 40,000 Feet Up Edition

Airline dining sometimes is not cheap, but it calms my flying jitters down knowing there is a bento waiting to be served to me up in the sky. So I ordered it whenever I could...
Airline Dining

Airline Dining: The First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Airline Dining. If you have taken a flight with me, you would know I have a tremendous fear of flying or to be exact, fear of dying while...

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