Am I Wasting My Sunday?


Am I wasting my Sunday?“, along with “Am I hungry?” might be the two questions I have been asking myself the most throughout my life. The first question has become even more daunting these days as I am trying to live mindfully and savor the days.

Sunday has never been my favorite. In fact, it resides in the bottom half of my favorite-days list. It hasn’t always been the case, though. When I was much younger, I like Sundays. It was the family time; of hanging out with cousins, building the FMC empire and eating home baked cakes. Then I grew older and started hating Sundays because I couldn’t go out and do whatever it’s angst teenagers had to do. Eventually, I grew up some more, started working and hating my job. I stayed in the same job for five years; during that period, Sunday turned depressing. Once I quit the damn job and found another one which I liked, Sunday started to become acceptable. But it’s just that, acceptable.

With the past “traumas” around it, Sunday still carries so much pressure for me. The pressure of utilizing it to the max which is not easy as I am perpetually lazy. Ugh!

Today, like most Sundays, I stayed at home. I watched Come Dine With Me (it’s the weekend mornings treat for myself), drank a delicious cup of coffee, cleaned the apartment, saged it with palo santo wood to increase the good vibes and cooked my favorite dish, the prawn sambal. In the afternoon I showered, purged my makeup collection, listened to a true crime podcast, face timed my parents, did some blog maintenance, watched a Netflix original horror movie, meditated, wrote in my gratitude journal and ordered spicy chicken for dinner. Tonight, I am going to load the laundry, put an hour of virtual farming in Stardew Valley and read a book by Sudha Murthy on the bed.

Still, I don’t feel like it’s enough. I clocked in less than 4k steps today, didn’t do grocery shopping, didn’t take a walk in the park, didn’t socialize nor hone my photography skill. Does it mean I have wasted my Sunday?

What do you think? Do you feel you are wasting your Sunday? More importantly, tell me, how can I make Sunday feel better?

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