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Hi there you. Yes, you! The one who is staring at the screen. You must be here for one of the two reasons. Either, you read a blog post or two, got intrigued by it enough to click on this page to explore more. Or, you are avoiding laundry, work, meditation or anything else on your list to do list.

Curiosity or productivity slump, either way, WELCOME and THANK YOU for dropping by this part of the blog.

Kulture KweenThough my writing and this blog still have heaps to grow, I am really proud of it. It’s my art, which I put a lot of effort and time to create. Read more about the blog on ABOUT ME page. Otherwise, let this START HERE page be your navigation into the world of Kulture Kween. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it.

One more thing, I sometimes post backdated articles on this blog, usually the things I wrote in my journal which finally made it to the blog. So, if you feel like going through the archive again, I promise you will discover “new” old blog posts.

Get cozy and stay for a while 🙏🏽

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Sneak A Peek Into My Expat Life

Singapore Expat Life

Lunar New Year edition –   Moving office edition –   Moving house edition –  Sick day edition –  Minimalism edition –  Inspiration edition –  Thanksgiving edition –  Christmas edition –  New Year edition –  Big change edition –  Unemployment edition –  Farewell edition


 Indonesia “Expat” Life

January – February – March – April – May – June – July – August – September – October – November – December

Melbourne Expat Life

1st month –  2nd month – 3rd month – 4th month – 5th month – 6th month – 7th month – 8th month – 9th month – 10th month – 11th month – 1 year! Yay!!

More About Me





Itineraries & Tips

The Ultimate One Week Japan Itinerary Part 1 and Part 2 – 9 things not to miss when you are traveling to a new place

Wanderlist & Life Musings

I have been building up and crossing off my WANDERLIST – I think one of the best parts of traveling is to come home.

 First Day..

In Japan – In Tokyo – In Kyoto – In Osaka


Working in entertainment industry 


Vi’s engagement – My best friend’s wedding – Diwali – Blogmas


Fafa & Friends 

 Last Day..

In Japan




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