Sacher Torte Is The Kardashian of The Cake World

Sacher Torte Austria

Someone asked, why did I choose to visit Vienna on my last trip to Europe? I told them because I wanted to see the Opera. That, you guys, was a big fat lie. I went to Vienna to eat a cake, the famous Sacher Torte. I wasn’t going to let them judge me for my life choices, that’s your job as my blog readers.

So the famous Sacher Torte, which I am sure you know all about, but in case you are a non cake eater (if so, I am the one who is judging you for your life choices), it’s called Sacher Torte. I heard about it when I read a travel book a few years ago. I had noted it down ever since and it made it to my life goals. Cake eating and a gold bra, these are my goals, maybe I am the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette.

Sacher Torte Austria
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On a fine Vienna morning, my cousins and I walked into the famous Hotel Sacher. I had briefed them about the cake, we were ready. My first impression was whoa, we have time traveled to the 20s; everything was so Downton Abbey-ish. It was not my habitat, especially not on a day that I wore ripped jeans. The Dowager Countess of Grantham would be appalled if she saw me.

The waiter came, took our orders and minutes later, we were presented with Sacher Torte. I could hear the angels’ singsong (first two seconds of The Simpson’s theme song) when I looked down at the almighty cake in front of me. It looked so pretty. Almost perfect; until I took the first bite. It was sour!!

Full disclosure: I am not a professional cake critique and this torte was probably the most expensive cake I had ever put into my mouth, but in my normal person’s opinion, the cake was not nice at all. Then and there, I knew that it was really over-rated. Mostly by the hotel itself since they placed a booklet on each table (first picture) that contained the history of the cake’s awesomeness.

None of us finished our cakes and left the place feeling disappointed. To think that I almost ordered this cake (they shipped worldwide) as my birthday cake and birthday gift for myself, GAH!! I would think that the cake tasted sour because it was spoilt during the shipment and it would have made me one sad self-gift-less birthday girl (yes, I am aware of my #FirstWorldProblem post). At least I got to put another tick mark on my Wanderlist.

I will never come back here again, not even when I get reincarnated as Marie Antoinette. Maybe only if I am to be born again as the Queen of England and get invited to stay at Hotel Sacher and is served this cake. By then I will have the power to declare war if Austria doesn’t ban the production of this freaking sour cake.

Have you ever travelled somewhere far and beyond just to eat? Have you eaten something that was so overrated while traveling? Help ease my travel-pain, do share!

Read about the cakes I ate in Penang, Singapore and Sydney, all of them tasted better than Sacher Torte.

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