Melbourne Expat Uuru

Melbourne Expat Diary Blog Series: 17th Month

Melbourne Expat Diary blog series was inspired by the interest to read about the life happenings of other expat bloggers. I started...

Joanna Kickass Witchy

Kween To Kween: Joanna The Kick Ass Witchy Lady

Interview with Joanna, the kick ass witchy lady Many moons ago I had a blog series called Kween To Kween, or...

Kawah Ijen

The Magical Blue Fire At Kawah Ijen Indonesia

Have you ever been inspired by a single photograph of a place that made you to want to see and...

Sydney AirBnB

Sydney Diary: Three Best Sydney AirBnB Neighbourhoods

Years back, when we were about to visit Australia for the first time, I failed to convince my cousins to...

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Diary: Eat Fresh Seafood At Sydney Fish Market

On a weekend morning  while in Sydney we visited the fish market. I had always wanted to go there, from...

Ask A Travel Blogger

100 Questions You Should Ask A Travel Blogger

We all know at least one person, who always has just came back from traveling to yet another exotic place and...

Sydney Diary: I Met Dugong at Sydney Aquarium

Last year I decided that I am going to explore all the aquariums in Australia just to prove that Fafa is...

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Sydney apartment

Sydney Diary: My Best Friend’s Sydney Apartment

Remember when I told you I am going to share a sneak peek into our apartment, then I moved and...

Kings Cross I Hate Sydney

Sydney Diary: I Hate Sydney Before I Love Sydney

Before I love Sydney, I used to kinda dislike it. Gasp! How could I, right? But apparently, I declared that I hate...

Perth Weekend

Perth Diary: All Things I Did On The Perth Weekend

Hi you guys, this Perth diary post is an excerpt from my travel-culture journal, which I always bring along with...

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