Miaw Is Missing In Action


You guys, Miaw is missing!

I still remember que-ing in the post office in the mid of January, while considering whether to send him in an envelope or card box. That afternoon, Miaw was going to America and I needed to distract myself from turning and taking him back to the office. At the end, I chose the heavily padded envelope. I put him inside and whispered goodbye in the lowest voice as I didn’t want to creep out the muggles. That was the last time I saw him IRL, before he went to America for a sleepover party. Yes, Miaw flew transatlantic just for a party. Not unlike the Kardashians, except he has a class.

In between then and now, I got a glimpse of the party. It seemed like he made friends and hung out in a large group of soft toys. Both were very uncharacteristic of him. Usually, in a crowded room he prefers to sit in the corner, judging. Maybe the teaching gig he got last year changed his personality a bit.

I have been looking forward to ask him about his new friends and how did they convince him to participate in Twister. I waited patiently, but then weeks turned into months.

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Finally I caved in and tweeted the host of the party. “Miaw was shipped back on 15th March” Mary re-tweeted. Oh well, apparently it hasn’t been a month since he started his journey back home, but it feels so much longer.

I kinda miss him. I miss him judging me whenever I come home drunk. I miss chilling in front of the TV and creating magick together. I miss sneaking him into my work bag so he can company me  during overtime. Well, I don’t just kinda miss him, I really miss him.

He has been missing out on some major life events on this part of the world too! He didn’t get to ride to the Great Ocean Road over the weekend. He didn’t meet Vi and Yin when they visited last month, which was too bad because they like him a lot, so much so that they told me to get Miaw tattoo in Japan (I will think about it, ladies!). The worst one so far is that he missed Fafa’s birthday on Monday. UGH! I will be really sad if he is not back on time for our Japan trip next week.

If only I knew the postal service would give this kinda trouble, I would have sneaked in his broom inside the envelope. You know what, maybe I should try ACCIO MIAW!

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