Melbourne Expat Diary Blog Series: 16th Month

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Melbourne Expat Diary blog series was inspired by the interest to read about the life happenings of other expat bloggers. I started writing my own version ever since I moved to Melbourne. I hope you enjoy reading the summary of the last 30days of my life, as a Melbourne expat, as much as I love writing it.

One morning last week, I had to go back inside our apartment building to grab gloves because I couldn’t take the cold. Winter is officially here. Other than two weekends in Sydney, I spent most of my free time this month working on some changes related to this blog. You wouldn’t be able to see it immediately, but I want it to be more culture oriented, at least in the long run. So far it’s only 70% done and the last quarter is the hardest part and I got lazy in the last week, so..

Melbourne expat life highlights of the month

I went to Sydney twice this month. The first time was to have a girls’ weekend and check out Jik’s new apartment. As usual, we had a great time. We discussed a lot of randomness, got really drunk on fancy wine, explored many bookshops and ate way too much. It had been so good that we repeated it again the weekend after. More about it and on Sydney in the upcoming weeks.

I met Liz on a random weekday, what was supposed to be a walk back to home turned out to a Miss Chu dinner and drinks date. Liz also threw her world famous hot pot party last weekend. We played backpacker card game and ate way too much. I went back home with my friendship-o-meter filled to the brim.

New things in Melbourne expat life

We ticked off two new Melbourne neighborhoods to explore: Footscray (never going there again) and Hawtorn (might move there for good). We also went to Bunnings for the first time, where I got a few garden tools to revive my almost dying herb garden. Being a plant mama turned out to be a big responsibility. 

Things the Melbourne expat loves this month

In Kinokuniya Sydney, I caved and bought The Wisdom Seeker tarot deck, after avoiding it a couple of times. It turned out to be a good buy as I instantly connected with the deck.

Dainty Sechuan Chicken
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Not sure whether I have mentioned before, but I love me some dry chili chicken. Eating it makes me happy. Always.

Another happy inducing thing: summer colored manicure has become a mental boost during winter months.

Last Friday, a few colleagues and I hung out at a pub called Munich Brauhaus near our office. It has everything I require from a drinking place: a large seating area, good munchies and live music. I also recommend the shakshuka at Tall Timber, Nonna’s meatball at Lucky Penny and almost everything at Uncle Restaurant.

Melbourne Expat Work and Stuff

Manda and I started daily gratitude Lync message exchange at work, usually right before we go home. We both agree these few words of good things for the day has improved our life quality. I urge you to try it with someone you are comfortable enough to some time share sappy things with.

On a separate note, Manda also challenged me to bring home cooked lunch to work next month. Challenge accepted, man!

Other than that, with Liz, who has gone for almost two months now and another weird workmate leaving soon, office will be a lesser fun place to be. Ugh!

I enrolled in Camelia Elias’ tarot prompt course, so far, I only half understand it. Gotta put more effort and cast some spells soon.

Minimalist Melbourne Expat

I cut down on eating out. The impact has not shown yet, with all the flight tickets purchased lately, but I would like to think that I am making a positive progress.

So much so, that I convinced myself to get the zip wallet that I have been wanting for a while. The wallet is from a local store called Status Anxiety (not a fan of the name) which leather products I saw at the Harry Hartog bookstore at the Bondi Junction earlier this month and loved. That time, it didn’t have the color I want, so I ended up ordering online with 10% discount. Speaking of color, I chose yellow, the color I associated with the feeling joy so that everytime I take out my wallet, to pay or put in something, I am symbolically sharing some joy with others.

I cleared the kitchen, the fridge and almost all paper documents this month. It felt so good afterwards.

Do you create or read zine? There was a time of my life that I was so into zines that I started collecting without really realizing it. I still have some good ones that I will be more than happy to pass it to you. Just drop me a comment or email if you want it.

MUJI the minimalist Japan stationary brand opened its first MUJI hotel in Ginza Tokyo. Guess where will we be staying the next time we visit Tokyo? Speaking of which, I have started planning our day trips from Tokyo.

Have you heard about Acorns? It’s an Australian micro-investment app which you can set up to automatically invest your spare change. It’s pretty neat. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Next, I am going to try the zero dollar savings hack.

Melbourne expat media consumption for the month

I finished The Nakano Thrift Shop in a week. This is the second book of Kawakami Horimi that I devoured within days. I really enjoy her writing as it could easily transport me back to Japan. Her writing is easier to digest than Haruki Murakami’s, which I also enjoy.

I wonder if there is any other Japanese writer with the same writing style? Or maybe I should finish other books waiting in our bookshelf (Curvy Yoga and The Tarot Life Planner among other), to be read and loved before getting another Japanese lit.

Fafa, Jik and I  watched Hush together after reading the recommendations on the internet. Even though it falls into my favorite genre, psychological thriller, it turned out to be crappy, nothing like Get Out at all. What a waste of wine brain hour. On the contrary, I highly recommend The Big Sick playing written and starred by Kumail Nanjiani, which is playing in the cinema right now. You gotta watch it!

Remember when I told you in the past two expat diaries that I have been hooked on to the true crime podcasts? I have a few new faves: Bloody Murder (Australian grown! 5*), MUM and True Crime Island. I am so addicted to true crime podcasts! I have been envy-stalking Crime-Con Facebook page. Also, have been thinking to go to the next year’s event in Nashville. Do I need help? Gather at my place for an intervention, you guys!

Melbourne Expat Internet History

Improve your caffeine game with the ultimate coffee drink recipe. My first try is going to be the grilled pineapple latte with Fafa as my guinea pig.

Some weird tips to improve your magickal and the daily practice of it.

Jik recommended Coffee Mets Bagel as a feel good #ladieschoice dating app. Check it out!

I managed to whip a number of posts this month. Yay me! My absolute favorite is Perth Diary blog series, which includes the magical Pinnacles. I also write lighter stuff about NYC, rainbow, Bali necklace, photographs of Melbournians, girl dates in working title Singapore and wine drinking in Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Lastly, I will be incorporating the 1 hour weekend activity to improve the week ahead.

Melbourne expat life next month

August is a big month in terms of goal-setting and traveling. I am turning a year older in September and I have written my birthday goals a few weeks ago during a lull time at work. Just need to tweak and start working towards it from next month onwards.

August agenda has also been sprinkled by witch gatherings, herb workshop, meditation classes and dim sum girls’ night.

There are two big trips coming in August; Uluru (finally!) with Jik this weekend and Jakarta at the end of the month for a surprise birthday celebration for Mama Kween.

As you could have imagined, I am really looking forward for August and if I could squeeze in Canberra in between, I would be a very happy globetrotter.

The blog theme for next month is Sydney, including the snippet of the weekend trip to Sydney. Also, with the new found passion for the tarot, I plan to write regularly about it. Lastly, sticking with the vision of the blog, there will be a star article about culture. So stay tuned for these posts. Btw, if you haven’t done it yet, do follow me on BlogLovin and Facebook.

If you are interested to read more of Melbourne Expat Diary blog series, stay subscribed you guys!

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