Melbourne Diary: The First Few Days As A Tourist

Melbourne Diary

Melbourne Diary, the prequel of Melbourne Expat Diary, is the stories when I visited Melbourne as a tourist.

Melbourne Diary Day 1

After almost an hour ride to the city from Avalon airport we reached the hotel this afternoon.

Melbourne looks deserted, unlike other tourist cities. At least not the ones I have been to, definitely a different vibe than Sydney. We put out luggages and headed out for lunch. We reached Little Italy, Lygon Street and lingered a little too long in front of the restaurants with heater outside. Since there was nothing that tempted our taste bud, we then went to the Southbank where we were told to have lots of eating choices, but it ended up to be too fancy. So we went back.

In the evening we had coffee at the Gloria Jeans. I used to go to Gloria Jeans only when I was in Jakarta, many years ago, but Melbourne’s one is definitely better. They have super large windows, branch shadow, coat hanger and my beloved flat white. Unfortunately, they close at 10PM. What?? Even the mamak coffee shops in my neighborhood in Bishan still open after midnight. What does a Melbournian do after 10 PM, I wonder?

Now, only 8PM Melbourne time and I’m back in the hotel writing to you because: Melbourne weather has been dreary, we are beaten up by the logistics of moving around between Sydney and Melbourne, we have a day tour tomorrow and lastly I had a very expensive chicken risotto, thinking it would satisfy my rice craving. I was so SO wrong. Never ever again a risotto for me.

Melbourne Diary Southbank
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I know it has only been less than a day, but so far I don’t think Melbourne is worth to visit as a tourist, but maybe to stay? Because I made a wish to work in one of the fancy buildings on this street when we walked pass it tonight.

Melbourne Diary Day 2

Melbourne is kinda blah in the winter.

St Kilda, the Seminyak of Melbourne is dead. We went there, spent like 2 minutes before taking the ride back to the town to visit the Queen Victoria market. Unfortunately, it’s closed for the day and rained suddenly, so we the unthinkable tourist thing to do: we went back to our cozy little hotel. Well, at least it has a heater inside we justified.

It is only 5PM.

My cousins continued doing another unthinkable thing to do while traveling, they took a nap! I have been fighting the urge. Here I am, sitting in the dark, writing to you and watching Ellen, who just shared with the world what’s the dirtiest part in a hotel room and she said everything.  Everything’s filled with germs. Hotel room is where I am currently watching her TV show from.

At least, we didn’t have much in my Melbourne diary for tomorrow. I want to see St, Yarra and Queen Victor market, but both aren’t going to happen I reckon. Next time, I guess, since I have decided to move here. As a local I could think many things to do during winter, like sitting at home and watching TV, minus the guilt..  heat my microwave food or fly back home to ever sunny Bali.

Melbourne Diary Day 3

We walked into a vintage looking movie theater by accident today. There were only three arcade games and two kids. The movie theater was playing an Indonesian movie, which was pretty rad and random.

We booked four movie tickets without asking for the price, it came out to $70 whooping dollars. In Jakarta, we could watch at least 15 movies with the same amount of money. That’s too much Aussie dollars for an aging movie theater.

We went inside the room. No-one else was there, not even the staff. Wtf. Then my cousins got scared. Maybe because it’s a scary movie. Maybe because it’s only us and it would be ending very late. So we went out and asked for the refund. With that money I would like an actual celebrity to watch the movie seat beside me. No, thank you Melbourne, I don’t think I would ever watch movie in this city.

Have you ever experienced a dreadful weather while traveling? What did you do instead?

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