The Magical Memories Of January 26

January 26

Do you have a day in the year, which feels like the Universe Ganesha and Jesus collaborate to make it magical for you? I do, it’s today’s date: January 26.

Yeah. I know, it sounds weird, but I do believe that January 26 is my day, as it has been for many years. Even though I have no idea when did it started to be my magical day, I have been keeping random records of life’s highlights which happened on January 26. Here are some of it:

2010 – It was the first time I told Fafa that I like LIKE him.

2012 – I flew back home from Singapore to spend the weekend with Mama Kween. We had coffee ice cream date at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

2013 – Again I spent the day with Mama Kween, this time we traveled to Taiwan together. My journal entry reads: “traveling with Amma, hopefully we don’t kill* each other“. *I can be extra at times.

2014 – I was on the train to Busan when I realized that hey, I was traveling on the same date last year. There was no journal entry, instead I wrote a blog post this year.

2015 – Woke up in my childhood bedroom with no travel plans. The only magical thing I could think of that morning was the breakfast made lovingly by Mama Kween. But then, in the afternoon, I got a job interview call. I went for it and got an offer on the same day.

2016 – No travel this year too, but on the day I wrote down 16 goals to achieve in 2016.

2017 – I flew back to Jakarta on the Australia day, which of course falls on January 26.

2018 – Fast forward to today, I am in Singapore for an overnight-stopover, before attending cousin W’s engagement back home tomorrow. I rekindled a long lost friendship with a post-uni best friend, went to the temple and finally let go all residual juju, both good and bad, which I had for a past relationship. It felt good. Nah, it felt freaking fantastic, you guys!

Not bad for January 26, eh? I hope this date stays magical forever. What about you, other than birthdays and anniversary, do you have a favorite date on the calendar?

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