Indonesia Expat Diary Blog Series: Month 4th

Indonesia expat

The Indonesia Expat Diary blog series was inspired by an interest in reading about the life happenings of other expat bloggers. I started writing my own version of being an “expat” ever since I moved back to Indonesia. I hope you enjoy reading the summary of the last 30 days of my life, as an Indonesia “expat”, as much as I love writing about it.

I have a happy news to share with you, but first a background story: a while ago, someone asked me on Instagram, how could I afford to be a full time traveler. It was a well meaning question, triggered by my bio: Full Time Traveler, Part Time Blogger. The uncool thing is, though I would love to, I couldn’t. That bio was just a tiny part of myself, a summary of what I love to do, which is to travel all the time and write about it sometimes. But it’s not necessarily what I do. I only know a handful of bloggers who travel all the time, unfortunately I am not one of them. I work as an accountant to afford traveling. Yeah, I am the textbook cliche of the travel loving cubicle warrior.

Now, the happy news.. After taking a gap period, which I intended to use effectively, but ended up spending most of it watching TV, I am going back to the workforce! I will officially be the Indonesia expat. I plan to live tweet my first day working, but let’s see, it depends on the battlefield.

For now, let me share  an Instagram round up, which is a totally unrelated thing, but fun to do.

Above are the latest collection in my account. I use Instagram mostly to showcase the pictures I take while traveling with occasional feet and coffee cup on hand pictures thrown inside. The main reason I use it to engage more with like minded people and bloggers. How about you, what do you use Instagram for?

Last month, I had the honor to take over the #GirlGoneInternational, the global community of globe-trotting and expat ladies, official Instagram account for a week. I posted a total of 16 pictures, had a lovely time “hanging out” there and ended up following many travelers whose accounts made my eyes green with envy.

Also, before I go, I am sorry for falling behind on replying your comments and emails. I have been overwhelmed with job searching/going to interviews/convincing people to hire me lately. I will get to it ASAP. As always, thank you for reading and don’t forget to add me on Instagram.

If you are interested to read more of Indonesia Expat Diary blog series, stay subscribed!

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