Indonesia Expat Diary Blog Series: Month 13th

The Indonesia Expat Diary blog series was inspired by an interest in reading about the life happenings of other expat bloggers. I started writing my own version of being an “expat” ever since I moved back to Indonesia. I hope you enjoy reading the summary of the last 30 days of my life, as an Indonesia “expat”, as much as I love writing about it.

Highlight of the month

I got an email yesterday, from someone who said they love my blog. My blog, you guys! Usually I am the one who sends those emails when I come across a new blog that adds into my life, so it was exhilarating to be the receiving side of such emails. Thank you!

New things on this month

Now, do you remember when I asked on the Instagram, what’s this tired looking egg thingy which I saw in Tokyo. Someone replied, it’s called Gudetama, which literally means lazy egg. Hahahaha.. I was intrigued by this yellow runny face. I started to read more about it here, here, here and many others before finally adopting it as my weekend persona. Hey, if Beyonce can have Sasha, let me have Gudetama.

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My news feed has been populated by Animal Crossing thingy, which apparently is a game. Have you heard of it? Do you like it? Will I like it? Is it anything like Harvest Moon? If yes, where can I get it?

I also purchased subscription boxes. It started out innocently when I wanted to check the one recommended one of the podcaster who I follow religiously. After four hours and extensive research, I decided to get, not one, but two boxes. It helps to come home to a (planned) surprise after 15 hours of work.

Work stuff

This time last year, I was traveling with my cousins, having the best time of my life. This year, I spend my life in the office, trying to come up with a much better budget. Ugh! So yeah, work, in a word, has been crazy; in two words, it’s crazy tiring; In a complete sentence: it has been crazy tiring and make me feel murderous every single day. It was the sole reason that pushed me to go drinking today. I couldn’t deal with one more work mail without alcohol in my system.

Two friends, an hour and a bottle later, I went back to work just to lock my laptop in and go home. I needed this break.

Speaking of work, my boss, the one who hired me, is leaving. We planned a farewell party for her tomorrow, which involved with colorful dresses, red lipstick and photobox. I have a mix feeling about her leaving. She is a fantastic boss, she will be greatly missed by all of us, but I am also happy for her for pursuing her goals. #WomenPower.

I have been doing a shameful amount of online shopping and I blame it on the work-life stress, this past month more than ever. And I don’t see it’s winding down in the next month, hence clicking buy button on Etsy. I am not proud, but I am definitely not sorry. I am so going to wear the necklace on top of my work shirt and rock the meetings.

Media consumption on this month

Have you watched Quantico? I am pretty thrilled that Priyanka Chopra, an Asian/Indian/actress, plays a lead role in an American crime TV drama. Bravo to her for nailing the job and keeping me interested until episode 4, out today. Also, that hair?! Man! Best TV hair ever. Thank God, I read Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? Recently (a birthday gift from Jik, thank you babe) and she managed to convince me that none supports their original hair on screen. Phew! Thanks Mindy, I can watch Priyanka without turning green from now onwards.

Why Not Me Indonesia expat
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Here is a fun read about food that are more expensive in Singapore.

Okay, you guys, I am going to watch Quantico and sleep now. I will write more and reply to every single one of you after my work becomes less hectic or when I manage to slip out for another round of happy juice, whichever comes faster.

Random thoughts on Indonesia expat mind

I am jealous of my northern hemisphere friends who are enjoying Autumn and all the awesome things that comes with it like golden brown nature, chilly weather, happier people; except for the Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte, I don’t get what is the deal with it.

Last one, I know my birthday is still 11 months to go, but if you need some ideas on what to give me, please get me the Lunar cup, designed by a Korean company, it shows the different phases of the moon when we drink it. That, or anything Gudetama.

If you are interested to read more of Indonesia Expat Diary blog series, stay subscribed!


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