88 Reasons Why I Love Singapore

I Love Singapore CBD
I am flying to Singapore later today with Mama and  Aunty Kween and I can’t contain my excitement. I love Singapore! I am feeling the same sparks I felt a decade ago when I moved there to study. Over the past two years I listed the reasons I love Singapore. The ones I have been missing ever since I left the country for good. Boo… My mission during this trip is to tick as many things as possible from the list.

88 Reasons Why I love Singapore:

  1. My best friends!
  2. Punggol nasi lemak after 1AM.
  3. Kinokuniya Bookstore.
  4. Mallu meal at the Spice Junction or Tamilian meal at Muthu’s, Little India.
  5. Changi Airport Singapore (will definitely be ticked)
  6. Cold soybean milk with jelly and hot chocolate pancake from Mr Bean.
  7. The clean, affordable and reliable MRTs (ditto) and the sound it makes.
  8. Small coffee shops at Duxton Hill.
  9. Clean and organized look, everywhere you go.
  10. Chong Qing grilled fish.
  11. And Ah Chew dessert afterwards.
  12. The quirky boutique hotels.
  13. Little India.
  14. Boon Tong Kee chicken rice.
  15. Arab Street.
  16. Hanging out after office hours at the Working Title.
  17. Safe night bus rides.
  18. The conveniences, which includes post office everywhere.
  19. My blogger community.
  20. Being neighbors with Thailand because then long weekend = Phi Phi island.
  21. 24 hours Starbucks.
  22. Singapore Botanical Garden.
  23. Thai food at First Thai or Thai Smile Cafe.
  24. The city’s skyline.
  25. Mind cafe and Cat café at Boat Quay.
  26. Drinking the night away at Clarke Quay.
  27. Or getting silly drunk at Prince of Wales pub.
  28. Kues, Asian dessert and the Twelve Cupcakes.
  29. Crab-o puff at Old Yang Kee.
  30. Korean Quarters.
  31. Roadside fortune tellers.
  32. Beer Fest, which comes with a delicious array of snacks and stand up comedies.
  33. Universal Studio Singapore.
  34. Warm Kaya toast
  35. Merlion Starbucks.
  36. Long walks, along the river and inside MBS.
  37. The familiarity of Plaza Singapura.
  38. Tim Ho Wan’s bbq pork.
  39. The potluck of cultures
  40. Anything is available at anytime.
  41. Reaching anywhere within an hour.
  42. Cloud Forest.
  43. Fast internet.
  44. Indian saree
  45. Extended family.
  46. Strictly Pancake’s pancake.
  47. The museums
  48. Koi café bubble tea with ice cream.
  49. My old apartment at Kentish Green.
  50. Chili crab.
  51. My landlord lady.
  52. The greenery.
  53. Sisha-ing at Blue Jaz, Arab St.
  54. Chinatown.
  55. CLEO magazine.
  56. 7-11 $1.60 chicken pau.
  57. Abundance of weird people.
  58. Bishan neighborhood.
  59. Windy and gloomy days.
  60. Cheap food court food.
  61. To be able to blend in and be invisible.
  62. Gandhi’s rassam and Bhai place’s vadai.
  63. Appreciation for the arts.
  64. Mustafa.
  65. Tamil movies playing in the movie theater.
  66. Teh tarik.
  67. Pump Room.
  68. Cute stationary stores.
  69. Strong superstitious believes.
  70. Geylang nightlife.
  71. Singapore Great Sale.
  72. 16 Floors of Singapore National Library.
  73. Temples.
  74. Fancy dinner at Wine & Co.
  75. BBQ chicken wings and stingray by the beach.
  76. Celebrating the ghost month.
  77. Sufi perfumery.
  78. Dosai as a breakfast.
  79. Sim Lim Square.
  80. Bugis.
  81. Heritage buildings.
  82. SEA Aquarium.
  83. Levi’s store.
  84. Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa Resort beach view hotel.
  85. Year long celebrations of different cultures and backgrounds.
  86. Spending time with friends or playing PS by myself at Coffee Min.
  87. Being able to wear tank tops and or short shorts.
  88. Memories tucked in every corner, each adds another reason why I love Singapore.

There are many more reasons why I love Singapore.

10 years worth of reasons, but for now, I will keep it to myself. Have you been to Singapore? It’s one of the cities that I hold dearly to my heart. See you soon Singapore!

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