Sydney Diary: I Hate Sydney Before I Love Sydney

Kings Cross I Hate Sydney

Before I love Sydney, I used to kinda dislike it. Gasp! How could I, right? But apparently, I declared that I hate Sydney at first sight in my culture-travel journal which I kept when I visited this gorgeous city for the first time.

Here is the snippet of the journal where I listed down why I hate Sydney for a brief moment back in 2013:

The first half of my Australia holiday is over. I have covered tourist spots in Sydney, including the Rocks, Darling Harbor, the zoo and Bondi beach, and I have started liking the things I hate in Sydney in the first place like:

1. I hate Sydney latte

In Australia, I needed my coffee first thing in the morning because I had to wake up at the time when I am usually in deep sleep back in Singapore.  Also, it’s damn cold, I needed the warm cup of joe to unfreeze my morning brain.

On my first day here, I ordered the usual, latte, and hated it. First, they looked at weirdly when I ordered a latte and it tasted much stronger. I also tried my friend’s cappuccino (my teenage era coffee choice, before settling down with the latte). Both were not to my liking.

I decided to give the flat white, Australia contribution the the coffee world, a go. It seemed like a naïve version of the latte. I tried a cuppa and ended up liking it a lot. I made my friends try it, and asked Fafa to try one when he visited Australia.

2. I hate Sydney Circular Quay Harbour’s smell

I Hate Sydney Darling Harbour Smell
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My first encounter with Circular Harbour was when I took the ferry to the zoo. The air smelled Ocean-y and fishy. It gave me a headache since I wasn’t used to the smell.

We came back from the zoo and took a break at a coffee shop nearby that was perfect for people watching and I did just that.

While sipping my flat white, I started to enjoy the atmosphere of Circular Harbour. All types of people going about their day. The fantastic view of the bridge against the horizon. The tourists.

Circular Quay Harbour ended up being the place I took the most pictures of.

I Hate Sydney Circular Quay
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3. I hate Sydney beer costs more than the mineral water

There was a café at Bondi beach that sells two glasses of beer for five bucks (happy hour) and a mineral bottle water for the same price. This was both bad and good depending on what I needed at that time.

4. I hate Sydney no actually Melbourne’s weather

Man, I only experienced it for a few days in Melbourne, and I totally get it, why people in the northern atmosphere were being draggy about winter lasting longer than usual this year.

Cold winds and layers and layers of clothing sucks!

I even wrote a poem about breaking up during winter, which will share with you once I found the Gloria Jeans’ tissue paper in which I wrote it. Melbourne weather sucked! On the contrary, it had been sunny, bright blue sky winter days in Sydney. I enjoyed soaking up the sunshine at any time of the day, it felt like an invincible blanket or virtual warm hugs

5. I hate Sydney darlings for a split second

I am embarrassed to admit on my first night in Sydney I was intimidated by the Australians. Coming from Asia I felt small and dainty compared to the locals. It didn’t help with all the loud voices and getting yelled rude versions of “look fine darling” by some teenagers filled cars at Kings Cross.

Only on the coming days I learnt that it happened only because it was a Saturday night at Kings Cross and that Sydney-siders are friendly in general.

I even grew to like being called “darling” here, which I never encountered anywhere else I had been before, it made me feel like a darling indeed.

– The end of my travel journal entry listing the reasons why I hate Sydney.

Editor’s note circa 2017: yeah, younger me can be stupid at times. Sydney is one my most favorite city in the world!

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