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Whale Watching

A Spiritual Experience Of Whale Watching In Gold Coast

Full disclosure, whale watching was never on my Wanderlist. I have a constant fear of drowning in the dark bottomless sea and I love my sea creatures served on a plate, both raw and...
Casa Mila Barcelona
Solo Traveling Kween

Solo Traveling Is Not All That And Here Is Why

Other than AirBnB and GoPro, solo traveling has become the most happening thing in the travel world in recent years, especially for women. The ladies I know are either embracing it or at least talking...
Nice France

Two Days Of French Living In Nice France

Nice France circa 2014 Nice was not in our original Europe trip plan. We wanted to go to Prague at first, but one thing led to another we had to forgo it and picked Spain instead....
Mona Hobart Tasmania
Kawah Ijen

The Magical Blue Fire At Kawah Ijen Indonesia

Have you ever been inspired by a single photograph of a place that made you to want to see and experience it in person? That was exactly what happened to me when I was...
Ask A Travel Blogger

100 Questions You Should Ask A Travel Blogger

We all know at least one person, who always has just came back from traveling to yet another exotic place and then writes engaging blog posts about their travels. The travel blogger. I envy them...

Sydney Diary: I Met Dugong at Sydney Aquarium

Last year I decided that I am going to explore all the aquariums in Australia just to prove that Fafa is wrong about me wasting my dollars on Merlion pass. I did just that when I...
Kings Cross I Hate Sydney

Sydney Diary: I Hate Sydney Before I Love Sydney

Before I love Sydney, I used to kinda dislike it. Gasp! How could I, right? But apparently, I declared that I hate Sydney at first sight in my culture-travel journal which I kept when I visited this...
Perth Weekend

Perth Diary: All Things I Did On The Perth Weekend

Hi you guys, this Perth diary post is an excerpt from my travel-culture journal, which I always bring along with me, whenever I travel So here I am, back to the airport again, after...

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