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True Crime Podcast

Top Ten True Crime Podcast I Am Listening To Right Now

Last week, while having dim sum with my friends, I randomly shared a snippet from a recent true crime podcast episode; of Issei Sagawa, a cannibal who ate his victims and claimed that the...
Melbourne Flat White

Flat White Is The Australian Way To Get Caffeinated

This flat white post is inspired by a chapter with the same title in the Lily Brett’s book, Only In New York. I read her book for my Southbank book club. Unfortunately, I have...
Solo Traveling Kween

Solo Traveling Is Not All That And Here Is Why

Other than AirBnB and GoPro, solo traveling has become the most happening thing in the travel world in recent years, especially for women. The ladies I know are either embracing it or at least talking...
Perth Itinerary

Perth Itinerary: 9 Cultural Things To Do In Perth

Have you been to Western Australia? If you are going to visit it, don’t skip Perth just yet! There are many things to do in Perth that are almost one of the kinds compared...
Japan Itinerary

The Ultimate One Week Japan Itinerary Part 2 of 2

Hi people, I am back! Today, I am going to share with you the second part of the ultimate one week Japan itinerary. This time we start with a train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto. It’s better to...
Japan Itinerary

The Ultimate One Week Japan Itinerary Part 1 of 2

A friend, some time ago, asked me for recommendations on her first trip to Japan. We decided to meet up for a coffee so that I could share Japan through my rose-tinted love shaped...

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