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Attract Happiness

Attract Happiness Spell Bring The Magick To Home

You guys, I am home! As in my parents’ in Jakarta celebrating our mother-daughter birthday saga. I will be here for another night before flying back to Singapore for much needed besties time with Yin and Vi. These...
Mona Hobart Tasmania

This Vagabond Soul Is Longing For NYC

If I could drop everything and get on a plane for a two week vacation right now, where would I go and why? It’s NYC for me. I thought about it in the shower this...
terrarium bonsai

I Am A Plant Mama: Terrarium & Herbs Magick

I realize I have turned into a plant mama when I replied to Che’s text about my weekend plans with: “I am going plant shopping“. Yes, I am the proud mama of four healthy...

Have You Met Marimo The Strangely Adorkable Pet Blob?

Have you seen a Marimo before? Marimo, scientifically known as a seaweed ball, is a type of sea plant found in the northern hemisphere that can grow in size over time. Due to their cute ball...
tarot reading

Tarot Reading Is The Next Best Thing To A Shrink

“Every woman needs her shrink. Fortune teller is the second best thing” – wise word of Liz. I quoted her words to Jik before reciting my tarot reading experience in details over the phone. Let’s back up and...
Myers Christmas Window Display
Unusual Pets Pothead plant

Crazy, Easy & Unusual Pets Guide

“Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I received a plant for my birthday. It came in a Hello Kitty look-a-like pot with the instructions written...

Dear Universe I Wish For A Pretty Bedroom

Dear Universe, I want a pretty bedroom. A pretty bedroom with comfortable size with queen size bed, air con, TV (comes with cable network and maybe a DVD player.). A pretty bedroom that maybe with...
Three of Swords Tarot Breakup Kit

A DIY Breakup Kit To Fix Broken Heart

I prepared a healing from a breakup kit for a friend. A DIY immediate fix broken heart goodie bag if I may. It was kinda unintentional, I was just collecting the things that I thought...

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