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Yogyakarta Old Phone

Inflight Journal: Yogyakarta From Jakarta Domestic Airport

Hello from Soekarna Hatta Airport domestic terminal Gate 2 Garuda Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Me and my cousin are off to Yogyakarta today. This will be my third time visiting the cultural center of the Java...
Ipoh Train Station

Inflight Journal: Random Thoughts In The Bus To Ipoh

My two of my colleagues and I are going on a short trip to Ipoh, Malaysia. There wasn’t any grand reason behind it, only random ones like the famous Ipoh dim sum, the Ipoh old town and one...

Inflight Journal First Edition

I’m in the airport, going to fly back to Jakarta in less than an hour. So happy. So excited. I have never liked the airport before, but now I have started to appreciate more....

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