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Valentine Rose

Stop Saying Valentine’s Day Sucks!

You guys, Happy Valentine’s day! I remember my Valentine’s day a couple years ago, when I spent it with Mama Geek. We wore color coordinating outfits from head-to-toe, because we are that kind of mother-daughter; the...
New Year Japan

Happy New Year Japan


We Wish You Merikurisumasu

Merry Christmas you guys! Or Merikurisumasu from Tokyo! I hope you’re celebrating Christmas in the way you enjoy the most; either with the whole extended family and friends, volunteering somewhere, or just you in comfy...
Bad Santa
Diwali Flowers

The Story of Our Diwali

Happy Diwali! After wishing me through email, Liz asked me today how would I celebrate Diwali at home. I gave her a paragraph of the short version. And here is the complete story about my...
World Food Day

50 Ways To Celebrate World Food Day

You guys, 16th October is the World Food Day. It’s celebrated annually in honor of FAO’s birthday. It’s one of the minor holidays I have a reminder on my phone. Why? Because it’s World Food Day....
My Birthday List

33 Things On My Birthday List

Have you heard of birthday list? Xandra coined the term and inspired me to write my own for my birthday, which is today! Without further ado, here are the things I wish to tick-off...

The Importance Of Celebrating Birthdays

Do you remember your past birthdays? How about the birthdays 10, 15 or 20 years ago? I am sad to admit that I can’t remember much past ten years. My memory sucks and I can only...
happy birthday best friend

Happy Birthday Fia, You Opened My World!

This post is dedicated to my BFF, Fia, who just celebrated her happy birthday climbing the mountain to have a bird-eye view of the forbidden city. How cool is she??! Happy birthday Fia! When was...
Wanaka Lavender Farm

Happy New Year From Wanaka Lavender Farm

Happy New Year you guys! I kicked-off the new year with lavender tea and breakfast at the Wanaka lavender farm. This was the second time I visited a lavender farm (first time was in Farm Tomita couple years...

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