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Melbournian Street Photography In Black And White

The first picture of the Melbournian series is a picture of Alan, my photography teacher. He is a very interesting man and extremely passionate about photography. Here he was trying to teach me ton how to take a...

10 Insanely True Power of Travel

Travel is insane in the way that it has the power to change a person forever. There are many turns in this world which mold the way we see ourselves and our thoughts about the world. Yes,...
Mount Fuji

Meeting The Might Mount Fuji For The First Time

There are many things I like about travelling. One is the scenery which takes my breath away the very second I see it. Admittedly, I have had many of those, like the first sight...
Mori Art Museum Tokyo

The Charming Journey at The Mori Art Museum Tokyo

One of the many happy memories of the recent Japan trip was an unplanned visit to Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum. On our way to lunch at Roppongi Jiro Sushi I saw a poster of the current exhibition...

5 Reasons You Should Rethink About Taking Gap Year

Many of us have thought about it, mostly while daydreaming in our cubicles, the rest while crying in the office bathroom: we need to take a gap year! Gap year is a period to...

Charcoal Painting Of Hirosaki Castle On The Street Of Tokyo

We bought a charcoal painting of Hirosaki Castle on the street of Tokyo on our last day, using our last yen. It was by a one-eyed artist who looked like Dumbledore. Japanese Dumbledore parked himself and...

Miaw Is Traveling Alone To America

I have a big news to share with you, Miaw is going to America!! Yep, he is going to a place which I have been dreaming of going for years! And he will be there to...

Best Part Of Traveling Is To Be Back To The Blissful Home

We are home!! And that’s the best part of traveling Yesternight we reached home at midnight after flying from Christchurch airport six hours before. Instead of crashing immediately on the bed, I did the rounds around the...
Kulture Kween Fan Girl

Kulture Kween

As a tribute to my name and my spirit animal, Ilana from Broad City, I changed the Q and C to K. Thus, the birth Kulture Kween. Also, it feels more kawaii this way.
Lukas Stobie

Mario Brothers in Kyoto Station Painting By Lukas Stobie

I can’t tell you why or even since when, but for the longest time the adult me has always wanted to own an original painting. It’s one of the things to cross in my bucket list....

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