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Am I Wasting My Sunday?

“Am I wasting my Sunday?“, along with “Am I hungry?” might be the two questions I have been asking myself the most throughout my life. The first question has become even more daunting these...
Shinjuku Japan

I Got The Japan Fever

I got back from Japan last week. For the most part of this week, after spending 8 nights in a hotel room about the size of our bed at home, I was glad to...
Kulture Kween Blog Blogger FAQ

Years Of Ultimate Blogger FAQ

Blogger FAQ – Let us get to know you!  Can you give us a little brief nerd history of yourself! I am Kal. A culture-curious being, the way people live now and then fascinates...
Most Popular Posts

17 Kulture Kween 2017 Most Popular Posts

Kulture Kween published more than 100 blog posts this year, you guys. I know! I am amazed too that I managed to pull it off, with my laziness and continues excuse of various types...
Gratitude List

Sharing My Thanksgiving Gratitude List With You

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are celebrating it with delicious food surrounded by your loved ones and feeling extra thankful today. To tell you the truth, I have never had a Thanksgiving celebration before, though I...

A Friendship Moment In A Coffee Shop

The Friendship Moment post is dedicated to my BFF, Jik. Happy Birthday Jik! May your life be filled with happy adventures and may some of them are with me. I flipped my irregularly used diary,...
Bohemian Apartment

A Virtual Tour To The Apartment And Travel Knick Knacks

I named our apartment the Burrow, the home of the Weasley family in the parallel universe, a hat tip to my obsession over Harry Potter. We have lived in this apartment for almost two...
I Love Singapore CBD

88 Reasons Why I Love Singapore

I am flying to Singapore later today with Mama and  Aunty Kween and I can’t contain my excitement. I love Singapore! I am feeling the same sparks I felt a decade ago when I moved there...
True Crime Podcast

Top Ten True Crime Podcast I Am Listening To Right Now

Last week, while having dim sum with my friends, I randomly shared a snippet from a recent true crime podcast episode; of Issei Sagawa, a cannibal who ate his victims and claimed that the...
Kulture Kween

11 Facts About The Queen Of The Kulture Kween

Let me present to you random facts about Kulture Kween, the queen of the blog, me! It’s something I have been wanting to write for the some time and today is officially my birthday week, so...

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